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Inching closer

Thanks for reading the AIM posts and leaving feedback.  It’s always nice to hear the different opinions on what we write.  I  loved this comment from Kathy that says

Maintenance does not equal stasis!

I think that nails it pretty much, don’t you?

I can’t believe the week is half over already.  Being busy helps with that, but sometimes I am thinking a day behind.  Part of that is from work because I am almost always dating files from the day previous, so I start to think it is that day. The other part of that is just me :D

I did remember it was Wednesday when I woke up, which is Bagel Day!  It’s embarrassing that the person behind the counter had sliced  a wheat bagel and put it in the toaster when she saw us walk in.  :oops:   Guess I had better not ever change it up.


Today turned out to be quite a nice day weather wise. At this time of year, a nice day usually precedes cold weather or rain, so we will have to see what tomorrow brings.  I knew I could get out for a ride today, though! 

First was lunch.  We are stocked up on food prep this week. I did crockpot red beans on Monday, which we have been eating the last couple days.  John made a wonderful clam chowder on Sunday which we finished up at lunch.



I worked a bit more and headed out for my ride. First time I was able to get out since Saturday.  It was 58, which is a nice temp. Not too cold, all though it was pretty breezy out.  The first part of the ride was very fast with a tail wind. The second part was a bit tougher.  I have my usual routes I ride depending on how many miles I want around the neighborhoods and today I wanted about 9 miles.  That means road/path/road/path/road. 


Loving the ride!


And yay for Pixie hairs on my gloves. :roll:

Check out my mileage.


Shade under 45 miles to go.  Too bad I couldn’t get a really nice Saturday and I would have that done in one fell swoop. I think I am just going to have to nibble it out for the next couple of weeks.  With shorter days, work and cold weather – it really makes it hard to keep riding.  Looking at temps in the 30s next week. Brrr….


John made my latte after I got home. He had made a pumpkin spice syrup that he drizzled on top. I am a lucky lady.  Another thumb’s up!


I needed that latte to keep working the rest of the day.


My brain was fried after work. Some days of work are easy and some days make my brain tired.  Today was one of those days. So, I just made a PB &J sandwich for dinner. 


Striking out today on the 2 different veggies a day today. Unless you want to count the celery and onion in my soup, which I won’t (even though I want to).


I hope to get semi caught up on blog reading tonight. I am behind! But, first going out for coffee with my hubby because you just can’t have enough coffee in a day (it will be decaf, don’t worry).  We love to do lots of talking and planning when we have coffee, too. :D

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