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Saratoga Ride!

This may be the last ride to Saratoga this year.  The temps were partly sunny and into the mid 50s, so good enough!  We thought it might rain in the afternoon, so we chose to go down for lunch. We took one of our old routes down that we hadn’t in a long time.  Pretty, isn’t it?  The road here is actually the official bike route to Saratoga.


We do take a detour to avoid crossing past the on/off ramp to the interstate. It’s much nicer and goes by Moreau state park.




It was a nice day to be out! That would be 2 jackets I am wearing. I was like a sausage.


We stopped for a snack around mile 11.  I had some dried pineapple and John had candy corn, which is good ride fuel, actually.


We arrived hungry in Saratoga around mile 21.  More of the dancing shoes.


John wanted to eat at Comfort Kitchen, so we did.



I got the butternut squash mac and cheese, which was topped with herbed bread crumbs and smoked mozzarella.


Seriously – I think this is the best mac and cheese I have ever eaten. Ever. Even better than the lobster mac and cheese from Maine!  I *have* to recreate this at home.

We walked around a little bit more.  More shoes!


Taken from a Solid Gold dancer, I am sure.

John spotted the perfect sign in a store window:


I heart Pixie and it’s about espresso! I need this poster.

We stopped at Bettie’s for dessert and got Apple Crisp cupcakes, then got a cup of coffee to go with.


I have to say, I was really full after this.  I was going to save my cupcake and take it home, but then I ate it.  Good thing the first half hour of riding home was not hilly or lunch probably would have revisited.

We were worried about rain, but the sun came out and helped warm us up on the way home.  More of exciting route 9.  At least it got paved this year because it really needed it.


We took another detour to avoid the interstate exit on the way home. It’s very pretty on this road.


About 5 miles from home, we spotted something.


A little closer!


We followed this and the chase team almost to home.

Home safe and sound!


Ride Stats:

Total miles:  43.7

Average speed:  13.7 mph

Top speed: 27.3 mph

Calories burned:  1365hello mac and cheese

Now I now you all want the yearly number.  It sits at 2445.8.  That means only 54.2 miles to go!  Woo Hoo!

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20 comments to Saratoga Ride!

  • That mac and cheese sounds AMAZING! I love smoked cheeses and I bet that mozzarella made that dish. How exciting to see you getting ready to smash your riding goal!!

  • Kim

    Ha, who needs overpriced gu and gel when candy corn works just fine. Love it!

  • I’m not a huge mac and cheese fan, but that dish? Looks incredible!

    Hey, candy corn sounds like it would make good running fuel! I should get some. Funny thing, the two women I ran with yesterday ate leftover Halloween candy bars for their fuel during the race!

  • Beautiful Lori – so glad you got out!! I might have to use candy corn for my run fuel as an excuse to eat it! happy I’l take the cupcake too! happy

    LOVE the Pixie sign – time to get one of those!

    I so love the ballet shoe too – very cool – I took ballet, toe & tap as a kid!

  • Kim

    I love mac & cheese!!!
    I figured that ride would put you close to the goal – you are going to make it over a month early I think!!!

    • I don’t know as a month early – November riding is really sketchy. The latest I have ever been able to ride is Thanksgiving and that was a fluke warm weekend last year. I’ll get the miles, though.

  • What a pretty biking route! That mac and cheese looks awesome! I don’t eat it that often, but I crave it sometimes. I love the mac and cheese from Panera, but it’s got a bazillion calories.

  • deb

    Shoot Lori that could be just one more bike ride for you!! happy Hugs! deb

  • What a nice fall ride. I like earning some treats with my exercise – way to go on the mac & cheese and cupcake!

  • Wow! I didn’t think you’d be able to get in a long ride this late in the year. Fantastic! You reminded me of one of my favorite winter recipes. I make a very pared down version of the butternut squash mac and cheese. Yumm. It just seems like good food for a cold day.

    Loved your scenery pics–you still got some nice color on the trees. Thanks for sharing them with us.

  • Yay for another good ride!

    I’m with you on the on/off ramp avoidance. I live a couple blocks north of a thruway, with no way to ride south without crossing the ramps. That’s like an invitation to be squished to drivers around here, so I just ride the other directions. happy

  • I am going to miss the cupcake rides this Winter. Glad you could make another beautiful ride this year. The shoes in town look great.

    And that poster has Lori all over it, that’s what I thought too when I saw the pic.

  • Miz

    you create at home.
    you share recipe.
    I make for child.
    the end happy

  • Linda E.

    Well there are so many butternut squash mac and cheese recipes out there in the internet. I am going ot find one and try it for sure. It will be so nice to have that variation. I like you, opt out of the white potato scene and eat about 2-3 sweet potatoes a week. At my last eye docs appointment they said- for the first time ever, and I am 46 yrs old- you eyesight improved happy I can only attribute that to my love of all veggies and carrots, pumpkin, and squash is right up there.

    Great on your mileage. I am amazed that you are almost there. What an inspiration you have been with the committment and dedication it takes. With the time change, I am definately stuck on the treadmill – inside! yuck. Gotta ge through these winter months.
    Linda E.

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