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November Goals

Down to the last part of the year already!  I had my monthly garden club meeting today and we made bookmarks and cards from pressed flowers from everyone’s gardens this year.  I missed the meeting where it was decided to press flowers, so I hadn’t done that, but there were plenty of flowers to share.


I made 2 bookmarks.  We just used card stock, the dried plants and then covered with clear contact paper. Very easy!


My 2 bookmarks:


Time for some November goals!

  1. A stretching and foam rolling program. This one involves John! I have noticed in the last month that my sciatica is bothering me and my leg has been hurting more. I don’t know if it is coincidental with less biking and more other things or caused by that. Regardless, that means time for more of the PT exercises for it. Now John has been feeling some IT band stuff in his leg, so he will be joining me (reluctantly) with this so that he feels better.
  2. No nog until Thanksgiving!  This I do every year because I could drink eggnog by the gallon.  I know it is a love hate thing for people and I am firmly in the love category.  It’s also one of those things that I can drink a lot of.  For whatever reason, eggnog is not too rich for me like it is for pretty much everyone else LOL.  So, I have to limit it during the season.
  3. Two different vegetables a day.  I need to make sure my nutrition is better as we get into the season of holiday goodness.  I have no problem with the broccoli, but I want to do better with other veggies.  This does include pumpkin, but not white potatoes. I might include sweet potatoes because I rarely eat those.
  4. Less snacking. Shall I add keeping the snacking under control again? I think I should. It was not a success in October and really important at this time of year.  Thanksgiving is only 1 day out of the month – not 30!
  5. Tackle a big project.  This is either going to be making a table or painting one of the bedrooms.  I am leaning towards a dining room table, but I need to price out the wood and see if it is really cost effective enough to do it.

That sounds good enough for the month, I think.

Weather looks good for a bike ride on Saturday, so I will be getting closer and closer to my goal!

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11 comments to November Goals

  • Cute bookmarks – what a neat project for your garden club to do!

    I’ve made Jeff start foam rolling after doing it so much in PT – geez, can that man yell. It does hurt, but it’s so good for you!

  • Those are some pretty ambitious goals. I’ll look forward to following along and seeing how you do. So much easier than making my own goals…

  • Love the book marks!!!!!

    I have to do so much more stretching & rolling with age!!! I use the rumbleroller & love it plus my Body Wrench & just regular stretching – this age stuff! winking

    Good goals Lori – you always make attainable ones but I love that you don’t get down on yourself if you don’t get completely there – you always seem to do well & that is good!

    Hope you had a good bike ride!

  • is it odd I’ve never had eggnog!?!?!

    Good luck with your November goals! I hope foam rolling makes your pain go away!

  • You know you’ve been blog friends with someone for a long time when you know that something about “nog” is coming in November! My relationship with it is the opposite of yours (yuck!!) so I always chuckle when I see it. Great goals…I like the big project one and will watch for progress reports.

  • deb

    Love your bookmarks Lori! They look great! And you have such good November goals. I KNOW
    you’ll reach your biking goal! Hugs! deb

  • I have never, ever considered potatoes of any sort a vegetable – they’re a starch! Along with peas and corn. I know it makes people mad when I say that lol!

    I know you probably think this is blasphemy but the ONLY egg nog I like is the Pennsylvania Dutch one that is chock full o alcohol.

  • I like your bookmarks. happy

    I hear ya on the egg nog. I am totally there. LOVE IT. Could drink it every day in the winter. Soooo I get the light eggnog and sometimes do half and half with skim milk. I get the same flavor, it’s not as thick and it’s less calories.

  • Okay, I didn’t see this one coming happy I thought it was about reaching your biking goal with John tagging along.

    Think that a no snacking goal in November (and December) is a great goal.

    I do eat white potatoes, here in Holland they are eaten a lot. Sweet potatoes are available but not for such a long time. Although they win in popularity.

  • Oh and I love your bookmarks!

  • Noxie

    I LOVE eggnog also so I bought Davinci SF eggnog syrup and put about 1 tablespoon in my Almond milk with a dash of nutmeg… HEAVEN!

    I FAITHFULLY use my green foam roller everyday. Sure helps with my sciatica. Hope it does with yours too.

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