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Random Wednesday

It was in the 30s this morning. Too cold for biking, sadly.  The season is waning – wahhhh!!!  John decided he wanted Coffee Planet today instead of the usual for our bagel breakfast since he didn’t get to go there last weekend when he was out of town (I went, though).


This person was pretty stingy with the cream cheese on the bagel. I would be surprised if there was more than 1/2 an ounce on it, but I didn’t bother saying anything. Not biking, so shaving off a few calories isn’t necessarily a bad thing.

We did get out for a ride in the afternoon when it was around 60 degrees.  It was a nice ride until we hit school bus hell.  I picked the wrong route, that’s for sure!  But, I was happy to get out!


My helmet hair isn’t all that bad here!

Mileage total:


Less than 300 miles to go. If the weather cooperates, maybe 4 more weeks of riding.

I had a good standard day of eating today.  I realize all I have been posting lately have been pretty much my treats. Here is a collage of the other meals I had today. Just for something different.


Several more random thoughts:

I’ve been having fun with my nails lately.


This is way too fancy for my jeans and t-shirt, though.  :D  I have orange, white and yellow polish and I might try to do candy corn nails.

Speaking of candy corn… Things that make you go Hmmmmm:


I was this close to buying these for fun thinking of a s’mores party planned for this weekend.  Although, most candy corn wannabe things don’t taste really like candy corn (M&Ms – I am looking in your direction!).  I’ll just eat the real deal.

Pink item of the day – my nail stamper!



The Breast Cancer Site


Time for a relaxing evening. I got a new guitar book and can’t wait to poke around in it tonight!

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20 comments to Random Wednesday

  • candy corn wannabe’s LOL.

    Wow, you’re so close on your mileage. But that’s an average of 50 miles a week for the next four weeks–eek!

    Your nails are so fancy now. Do you have trouble playing the guitar with them?

    Hmmm, your meal collage is making me feel better about my sweets-centric daily meal plans!

    Happy strumming tonight!

  • Kim

    You will get your goal!!! Even if you don’t get it in the next 4 weeks, there are always those random nice weather days that will be good for riding!!!
    Have you seen the candy corn Oreos? i don’t like regular Oreos but I sort-of want to try these!!!

  • I saw those candy corn M&Ms at Target yesterday and thought of you…

  • I love your nail art Lori! Thank goodness I am not a fan of candy corn – that is one temptation I don’t have to fight.

  • I know you are going to reach your goal! Maybe you have a mild winter which will give you the opportunity to sqeeze in some daylight rides.

    Love your nails!

  • Kim

    If need be, can you add in some trainer miles for your goal?

  • Miz

    oooh love the nails!!
    the child is off friday from school (hold me laughing and has “earned” nail stickers.
    we are off to pick them out on friday.
    It’s the applying which terrifies me. I do not rock at that stuff.

  • I dislike the transition of light to dark and warm to cold this time of year – even though that is the very thing that causes the beautiful colors to come out on the trees. I struggle with even wanting to get up to run even though I know I’ll be better off if I do. I hope there are enough sunny, warmer afternoons for you to make your mileage goal! As long as rain/snow hold off I know you can do it!!

    • I find myself irritated with the dark. I want to go out and ride. I am used to riding in the mornings and it is hard to get used to not doing that. It messes up my schedule. I am very lucky to be able to shift my work around to accommodate my exercise.

  • I think your nails are fine for jeans!!! happy Either the Target Archer brand or Dunkin Donuts has a candy corn coffee – can’t remember which since I saw at Target.. I was close to trying but I could not imagine drinking it. One Instagram person said it was good it you cut it in half with regular coffee. happy

    Hope that weather holds for you so you can rock that YMX outside for a bit longer!

  • Your biking mileage is totally amazing!! I’ve always liked “coming along” for your bagel Wednesdays. happy I also really like all your creative nail colors. I’ve just heard about jamberry nails and there’s tons of people walking around with candy corn striped nails this season. I think the funky patterns are really in!!

  • Biz

    I took a picture of the candy corn M&M’s and keep meaning to send it to you to see if you knew they existed! And I am okay with a little bit of cream cheese – that bagel looks amazing!

  • Linda

    On our way to Buffalo two weekends ago we stopped at Dunkin and I asked for light cream cheese on my pumpkin bagel…it was thicker than the bagel had to scrape 3/4 of it off.
    Good job and keep it up, you will hit your goal.

  • That bagel looks yummy! I am thinking of treating myself to a Panera one on the day of my next long run. happy Love the nails!

  • I thought of you today Lori, ’cause I know you love candy corn. (though not in soda form) I was in a store and they had “Candy Corn Hats” that looked like elf hats, with “trick or treat” on them. Love the nails! Have a great Friday.

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