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Vegas part II

More Vegas doings!  One nice thing about being East coast time is that no one is up in Vegas when you are, so the mornings were very quiet and we enjoyed walking around and doing things before it got crowed, because it got *really* crowded later.

We had a nice breakfast at a cafe.


Let me tell you, it is really hard to find a good cup of coffee in Vegas.  We found decent stuff, but only one place that had really good coffee.  It’s all too weak!  And I refuse to do Starbucks when exploring a new place.

We made a stop at the Flamingo, which still seems a bit old fashioned, even though it was just updated in the 1990s.


I wanted to see the flamingo habitat.  This was free to see.  What a little gem this is!  It a lush and green environment for several types of birds.  The flamingos, of course.


Some brown pelicans:


And lots of ducks.  These 2 cracked me up.


It’s a fairly large habitat to walk through and it was nice and quiet.


There was a little chapel and pagoda as well and some lucky couple was getting married that day :D

John and I window shopped for a while.  We walked a ton of miles this weekend, probably close to 20, I would say.

We found a cute cuppicake shop, so you know I had to get one to try! This was from the Cupcakery.


We brought these back to the hotel, hence the napkin.

John then joined his friend at the poker tables and I went back outside exploring.  This was Crystals, a high-end shopping boutique.


I did find myself getting irritated a bit at the excess of stuff and exorbitant prices.  I mean, it is Vegas and all that, but like I said to John, if I am going to drop $1000 on something by Louis Vuitton, then he better at least have put some stitches in it himself and not some underpaid factory person overseas.

As I said, I loved looking around the casinos.


This is the Aria poker room:


I had to rest for a while because I was getting tired from all that walking and the heat.  I got the text to meet up for dinner and I got all dressed up.


My new dress, which I got on sale at Penney’s for $25.  LOL!  And my comfie new sandals.  I am no fashion plate, but I felt good in what I was wearing. I felt bad for a lot of women clomping around Vegas in high heels.  You can always tell the women that are used to walking in heels and those that bought heels for vacation nightlife. It’s not pretty.  There was also a lot of dress adjusting going on.  Another thing when trying on a tight short dress, walk around in it and see if it hikes up when you walk. There were a lot of ladies that obviously did not do that and were constantly pulling their skirts back down into place.

We ate at the buffet at the Aria.  We wanted to pay for dinner for John’s friend (John R – I know, 2 Johns!) and that was his favorite place to eat, so we did that.  It actually a really good buffet. I didn’t get any pictures, though.

After dinner we walked to the fountains at Bellagio to see the display.


Here is a blip of the 5 minute show.

Of course, the song this time was Celine Dion, which made me laugh because I have never liked this song.  I like the fountains, though. I loved watching them from our hotel window, even though you couldn’t hear the music.

I have a few more things that we crammed in there, so I guess one more post will have to be done!

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