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August Wrap Up!

I know you are expecting a What’s Blooming post, but it’s the end of the month and I needed to wrap this up before our trip!

I will share this cool cloud photo, though!


Here were my goals for August and how I did:

1. Cook some new Indian dishes.  I was planning on doing 3, but only ended up doing 2.  Chana Masala and the Aloo Gobi.

2. Lose 4 pounds – Nope.  I lost 1, which is statistically a wash since it could be back up tomorrow.  I have this maintenance thing down, but not the losing LOL!  I was doing 4 no grain days a week and then the scale wasn’t moving, so I added grains to other days and dropped the pound this week. Go figure. :roll:

3. More strength training.  I was not so good with this.  I am just doing too much biking to really do much.  I will just do lighter workouts and focus on heavier lifting when the biking season winds down.

4. Less complaining.  I think I have been doing really well here.  It helps that my work stress has gone down a lot lately.

5.  Finishing up some projects.  I didn’t finish too many projects.  One was to make a houseplant area, which I have here.


The chest we open up twice a year, once to take out the good china for Christmas dinner and once to put it away, so I am using it for the base.  I did find a use for that ammo box! :D  I need to accessorize a little bit more with the white shelf, but it’s nice.  John said it was like a plant shrine.

Can you believe we are on to September already??

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