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Another Friday rolls around. My life feels like work, work, work, bike, bagels, work, work, bike, cupcake, work, work. :D Time goes by so fast!

Actually, we did attend a free concert last night during the Lake George Music Festival.



Shostakovitch cello concerto, which was pretty amazing, and Beethoven 5.  This was a great group of musicians, too.  It was supposed to be an outdoor concert, but rained pushed it inside.  Of course, the free concert ended up costing $15 because we got a parking ticket because our meter was broken.  Gotta love. :roll:

Anyhoo, another new butterfly this week!  This is a black swallowtail.  Swallowtails are always so hard to get pictures of.  Other types of butterflies sit still – swallowtails flutter.  all.the.time.



The best shots I could get were from the underside!



There was also Mr. Grasshopper on the butterfly bush.  Not sure quite what he was doing there.


Funky focus on that shot.  Wonder how I did that??

I moved one of my bird feeders because the birdies were making a mess on the porch.  Now they make a mess on the ground and sunflowers are growing!  Casual gardener that I am, I just let them pop up wherever.


A nice bit of cheeriness to pass by on the path:


I also was so excited to see my newest coneflower sending up a bloom!  I bought a Tiki Torch. It’s a baby and I really was expecting it to need another year to bloom, but it sent up one stalk.


SQUEEEE!!!!!!!!!!!  I love the color :D

Yellow snapdragons:


My back stoop geraniums:


And the dahlias:


We have another gorgeous weekend coming up. Yay!  It just can’t get more perfect.  I am thinking a cupcake will be in there somewhere.

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12 comments to What’s Blooming!

  • You are so cultured with all the concerts you go to!!

    The swallowtail picture–fantastic. I know what you mean about them fluttering. I’ve never come close to getting a pic of one of them.

    I love geraniums–so cheerful. I was trying to resist getting them this year. I just bought one last week.
    debby´s last blog post ..Almost Spa Week

  • Well, John and I are both trained musicians (although we don’t play now), so concerts are really a part of our life. It was really nice to have such good quality concerts this week to enjoy! This is a new festival to the area for the last couple years. I hope it sticks around.

  • Erin

    *LOVE* the random sunflowers!

  • My sister and her family is in Lake George right now. When she posted the photo of them eating at a place in Saratoga Springs I was jealously reminded how close she is to you and doesn’t even appreciate it because she doesn’t know you lol!

    I have a friend who is quite the gardener and she’s offered to take my geraniums to her house this winter and bring them back to me next spring. She swears it will work and I’m tempted to let her try even though they aren’t that expensive.

    My orange Gerbera Daisy and Tropical Hibiscus plant have been my favorite flowers this year – something about that particular orange color.

    Enjoy this beautiful weekend!
    Helen´s last blog post ..The Difference Between Men and Women and Other Annoyances

    • Are they going to the track in Saratoga? Big Travers weekend. We are avoiding Saratoga like the plague LOL!

      I have never had luck over wintering my dahlias. Never tried geraniums.

      • They are actually houseguests of friends who own a home right on Lake George, so that’s where they are. They just stopped in Saratoga on the way to get a bite to eat. happy

  • I can just picture an outdoor concert overlooking Lake George. Someday when Bill retires (like he’s ever going to), we want to travel around the U.S. hiking, attending music festivals and of course, getting better acquainted with bloggers we’ve already met and meeting new ones! The Lake George Music Festival is on the list! Have a good weekend.
    Sharon´s last blog post ..A Pause For Celebration Of A Different Sort!

  • 15 dollars still isn’t much for a great concert.

    You’re garden is lovely as always.

  • deb

    Love the Tiki Torch cone flower! Gorgeous color! And that grasshopper was probably
    munching on the leaves…! Hugs! deb

  • I love your garden photos! You inspire me to want to do more with my yard. I have a few small beds and things in pots, but I never plant a whole lot. I’ve got a knockout rose bush I thought had died, but now it’s doing well! happy
    Elizabeth´s last blog post ..Flashback Friday: What is Your Secret?

  • Lori it all looks good except for the work. winking I LOVE your pics!! So beautiful!!!! We don’t see many butterflies around me so love seeing your pics & your garden blooms!
    Jody – Fit at 55´s last blog post ..Protein Powder, Stevia & YES, Brand Love!

  • I think I would get a lot more biking done if I lived in New York instead of Texas! But maybe it equals out, because I can do more in your colder months. I’ll get started when it cools down some more. happy
    Sheryl C.´s last blog post ..Exercise Plan and Too Much Going On

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