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Nail Stamping Fun!

Okay, so I found this cool nail stamping kit online.  It’s funny how I went so long without doing my nails because I thought polish didn’t look good on short nails.  Then I bought a bottle of gold polish last fall and haven’t looked back since!  Anyway, this kit is fun.  It’s for stamping designs on your nails.  I bought the stamps on Amazon (linkie)  I had to laugh because even though I am an Amazon Prime member and got free shipping, this item was not expedited shipping.  We joked that it was coming on the slow boat from China.  Well, turns out it was the slow boat from Hong Kong for real LOL!  It took a couple weeks to get the stamps.

The kit is basically the plates of designs.  There are something like 120 designs all together!


Separately, I bought the stamping tool and scraper.


You can cut up an old gift card or expired credit card to use as a scraper, too, but the stamper is really the tool that you have to have.  It has the large pad (pink) and the smaller green pad (for smaller designs).

First, have your base color done and dry to the touch before doing the stamping.  Do *not* use any quick dry top coat or your stamps will slide around (lesson learned).

You do have to move quickly with the plates, so practice on a piece of paper at first.  First you paint some polish over the design, the put the scraper at an angle and pull to remove any polish not embedded in the stamp design.


The pick up the stamper tool and roll it across the design with some pressure, picking up the polish:


Then quickly roll the stamp over the top of your nail.  Obviously I am demoing this without the polish as my nails were already done.  This is just the technique.


It dries pretty much instantaneously.  Now, you will get some of the design transfer on your skin rolling the stamper, but just use a Q-tip with polish remover to clean that up.

stamped nail

Clear top coat and you are ready to go!  For best results, use cream polishes for the stamp. Sheer and sparkly polishes don’t show the stamp very well, save those for the base coat.

Here we are working hard on our nails Saturday night:


Everyone brought the polishes they had, so we had a ton!  Note to self. Get extra stampers.  We all had to share the one!

Some design samples:


My mom brought a bunch of her rings for us to put on and be all fancy (she is a jewelry hound).

The nails!



This is so much fun!


On Sunday I was all ready for riding to bagel breakfast in style!

gloved nails


With the top coat, this lasts for days.  We did nails on Saturday night and Tuesday night mine still look just like this.

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