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July Wrap Up!

More than half way through 2013!  I have been a little slack on putting my monthly goals on the blog as the end of last month and beginning of July got busy with BOW and then an AIM post.  So, I thought I would recap some of my goals for July and 2013 so far.

1.  More strength training.  I started the New Rules of Lifting for Life, but am not as consistent as I should be at about 2 times a week.  I should be doing 3.

2.  Bike miles.  Yep, getting those in. My goal was to reach 1250 by the end of July and I am at 1359 as of today!

Anyway, I have new August goals to share tomorrow.

Here are the items on my yearly To-Do list I made back in cold and snowy January!

1.  Take a few guitar lessons.  I have not done these yet. Mostly for monetary reasons. We did the bathroom, got a new car and I got a new computer, so discretionary spending has been pulled back a bit.  I still want to do this, though.  Better work more :shock:

2. Bathroom update. Done and done! All pretty much by myself and I can tell you that I still love it just as much!



3. Yep – lose weight again.  I have lost 6 pounds this year.  I have stalled out pretty much since we got back from vacation and then with the start of cupcake biking season. So, that needs a focus again.

4. Either do another 100 mile bike ride or some organized bike events. I am not sure I will do this or not. Either way, I haven’t yet. :)

5.  Try to hit 2500 miles on the bike this year.  More than half way there!

6.  Relax more.  Am I?  I don’t know.  I am taking an unexpected weekend getaway at the end of August.  Work has been a bit dreadful in terms of really busy for the last several months, so I haven’t felt very relaxed.  But, I do have a good life :D

I also added in a goal of reading 30 books this year and making good progress on that.
Not too shabby so far.  Reviewing that list will help me refocus my energy (I hope!)


New goals tomorrow!

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