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May Goals

Thank you all for the comments on my guitar playing.  I have that sort of pride/embarrassed feeling about posting them.  I am still very much a beginner and I note every mistake in these videos.  Yet, I look at how far I have come in the last couple of years with it.  Then there is the whole upper arm flab thing  :oops:   But, it’s me, it’s real and unedited.

We have had the most fantastic weather the last few days.  Just gorgeous!  We rode to breakfast today and I tipped my face up to the sun and just reveled in it.  I can’t believe how much the weather can affect my mood.  It was 55 degrees and sunny for our ride.

You know it!


Extreme bagel closeup!  Careful, carbs are catching, you know :wink:

It’s now May and time for me to set some things going for the month.  Not too many this month.

1.  Pantry use up.  When I was cleaning out the bottles of dust old spices from the pantry, I saw a lot of half used up food items.  Grains, pastas, beans, etc.  This month will be using up a lot of that stuff.  I cannot buy any new hot cereal until I have used up the quinoa flakes, Wheatena, cream of wheat and oat bran that is currently in various states of being used up.

2.  Keep an extra close eye on my eating.  We are taking a vacation this month, so I need to be extra careful the other weeks of the month.  Nuff said there.

3.  More strength training with weights.  I have been a bit lackadaisical with this lately as biking is consuming all my thoughts.  I am going to write out some programs and follow them.

4.  RELAX! We are taking a very much well-needed vacation and I am going to make the most of it.


That’s it for this month.  It’s going to be a busy month. I have 13 to 15 people coming to my house on Friday and I need to be in full cleaning mode now.  Guess that will move along spring cleaning a bit. :D

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15 comments to May Goals

  • We’re sharing the “use it up” goal for the month. Mine’s partly to compensate for the wedding trip, but also because I did buy the stuff to use it, so I should!

    Are you ready to share your vacation destination, or are you saving it for a big reveal later in the month?

    • Haha – no big reveal. It’s a relaxed driving trip into New England. We are playing a lot of it by ear. Vermont, New Hampshire and Maine. Lobster will be consumed and lighthouses will be viewed.

  • I was going to ask where you were going too and I see it above. Sounds like a cool trip. Are you going to take the bike with you?

    Good idea about the use up in the pantry, I have a lot of those things in my pantry too and you gave me ideas.

  • I saw no arm flab. Just sayin’ – I know we are our own worst critics, but really – your arms look good. happy

  • I read your response to Cammy – what a wonderful vacation & beautiful country!!! Enjoy it in your new car! happy

    I saw no arm flab either!!! I just saw a news story on how much the % of people getting arm flab surgery has gone up – it is CRAZY numbers!!!

    Good goals Lori – just enjoy!

    Good luck Friday!

  • Sigh… I’ve always wanted to take a trip to the East Coast, especially in the Fall when all the peak colors are out. It’s on my bucket list. The furthest up the coast I’ve ever been is driving through KY and VA on the way to SC to see family.

    I love the pantry cleaning goal. Do you know how many unopened bags of stuff I have in my pantry? Probably many that have expired already without being touched! I should add this to one of my goals soon. Would probably cut down a bit on the grocery bill too.

  • The sunshine makes me so happy too! I like that you set monthly goals to work on. It helps to keep focus when life is so busy.

  • Don’t be embarrassed! You’re doing great!

  • Biz

    I just want to reach into the screen and take a bite of that bagel! Hooray for vacation! We are going on vacation at the end of the month too – our first since 2008! So excited!

  • I saw no mistakes or arm flab, I just saw a wonderful guitar playing video of my blog friend!!! happy Great May goals! Have a wonderful Thursday Lori!!!

  • I’m joining you and Cammy on the “use it up” goal. Only problem is, my will have to be in June since I’m going to be away from home most of May. Your trip is going to be great!

  • What Shelley and Lynn said!! That bagel looks scrumptious!

  • Oh a vacation sounds like a great idea!
    You’ve inspired me to get out on my bike this week happy
    Ah bagels I have’t had one in I don’t know how long!

  • That’s hilarious you mention the arm flab. I totally did not see it. But I sure see mine. I KNOW mine is the worst arm flab around LOL.

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