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April Wrap Up!

Quickie post! Another month come and gone.  Forward into spring now – woo hoo!

May is going to be a busy month.

Here were my goals for April:

1. 250 miles on the bike.  I didn’t quite make it.  Weather didn’t cooperate as fully as I would have liked, but I did get 170 miles in.

2.  Do a month of body weight only exercises.  I was somewhat lame about this and only posted 1 of the routines.

3.  Guitar video.  I posted one yesterday and as a bonus for lucky listeners, a second one below!

4.  Clean out the pantry.  I did clear out some old spices, but I think we need to do a “use stuff up in the pantry” month.

5. Try 2 new veggies.  I did one – the rutabaga.  Turns out this time of year there aren’t a lot of new types of produce in the market.   I could have done something like orange cauliflower, but that would have been pretty lame of me.  :D

So, yesterday I posted a video and here is the other one.  Waltz in E by Carulli

I like yesterday’s recording better, but this is a fun tune.  Next videos will be even better in the future!

Back with May goals tomorrow.

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