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Yet more snow.

I woke up this morning to extreme quiet. You know that quiet when snow has blanketed outside and it muffles all the sound?  Yep – more snow.  That meant shoveling.

But first, breakfast!  I made up some pumpkin oat bran to get started with the day. Doesn’t this look like a winter scene?


Shoveling would be a 2-parter today since we had to clear the 6 inches or so that fell overnight before any deliveries/pickups come to the house.

These boots not retired for spring yet.



Yuck.  This was all bare ground yesterday.


I was hungry when I got inside.


Have to eat them in 3s for whatever reason.   It feels weird when I don’t.

Work was busy today, thank goodness.  Gotta start thinking about a car payment now.  I’ll take all the work I can get.

Quick break for lunch.  This is greek yogurt, blueberry sauce and Kashi cinnamon hearts.


Yesterday I ate grain free. Today, obviously not :mrgreen:

Then it was out to shovel more.  I measured the snow that fell on the porch.


A prediction that actually came true. They said 8 to 12 inches and there we ended up between (and not done yet).



How is a girl supposed to bike with this stuff???

It was  a good day for being inside and working.  John brewed up the lattes.



I feel like my life is overrun with technology cords.  Does anyone else feel this way?  You can’t see it, but there are also 3 cords coming out of my laptop. one for power, one for the foot pedal and one for my headset.  It’s like a deathtrap extricating myself from my chair.

We didn’t do so well with meal planning this week, so that meant falling back on old staples:



There is some laughing cow underneath the BBQ turkey.  I bet this would be good to do as chili, although that would mean making a batch of chili…

I can’t believe it is spring in a day.



This is all the snow piled up. In the background, the snow goes half way up the side of the garage. The neighbor over there has his driveway plowed straight back, which is perpendicular with our garage.  That area is on the north side and doesn’t get much sun, so it take forever to melt.

It is snowing as I speak right now.  Our winter storm warning ends at 8 pm and I bet we will have close to a foot when it is all said and done.  Close enough anyway.

I’ll be staying in with some tea and a square of this stuff.



I have found these squares are perfect when I want something sweet and fruit isn’t cutting it.  It’s not like the chocolate chips that John likes to have (and I get in trouble with) because I have much more control over the portion.

Come on Spring!!  Behave!

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