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Bathroom Reveal!

On this episode of Casa Radiance – the reveal! The big bathroom project is done.  It turned out differently than I first envisioned it was going to be, but I love the result.  Lots of pictures, sorry.

Before (the awful):

oldvan P1130008.jpg P1130009.jpg P1200023.jpg twall

Then there was the really awful.  After removing the tile – remember this? I do.

torn up

Here is the finished bathroom:


Lovely shower. There isn’t anything we can do about the angle of the shower as this is the roof line. Only place to go from here is outside :D This shows the Tile Transformations.



Not sure if the shower curtain shows really well. I actually found it at K-mart after shopping all over.  It is a Sophia Vargas (?). I didn’t know who that was and my mother had to tell me.  Guess I had better come out from under my rock occasionally…   It’s cream colored with gold dots on it. They start sparse on the top and then cluster towards the bottom.


It’s funny – the room looks bigger. It’s about 8 feet x 8 feet and the vanity is bigger than the old one, yet it looks bigger.


Towel bar moved from this wall.




Brushed nickel on the fixtures.


Originally it was going to be a tile floor with wainscoting on the walls.  Kind of went 180 from that. I decided on doing a custom paint job with stripes and a chair rail for the walls after getting a good look at the floors.  Also, this chair rail is taller than standard because of the sloping ceiling and we would have had to buy floor-to-ceiling wainscoting and cut it down, which would have left a huge amount of waste (and expense).

The biggest thing was the vanity.  I struggled a lot with deciding on the vanity because of our plumbing configuration. At first we were going to get a smaller vanity and then use a side cabinet next to it, but then realized that we could find what we needed.  The vanity is the only piece of furniture in the room, so I decided to go ahead and spend some money on it – almost half of my budget! It was so worth it, though.

Speaking of the budget, it came in at $1557 (vanity, skin top and faucet about $700).  I do need to buy a toothbrush holder and soap dispenser and a new shower caddy, so a little bit more to spend, but not much.   We will get the tub refinished at some point in the future for $400, but it just has a few nicks in it – and I told John I am not in any hurry to have someone come in and mess with my bathroom for a long time. The tile guy was going to charge me $1800 to $2000 just to do the tub and surround and all the walls. I still would have had to put in the floors ($150) and paint and a vanity, so it would have been over $2000.   I am quite pleased with myself LOL.


I always like to find a ‘favorite’ thing about each project.  This is a tough one since I love all of the changes.  I think it probably is the vanity top, although the stripes come in a close second because they came out pretty cool.  It just feels really good and I am proud of all the work I did.  It was a fairly big project to do.   I had a little help from John at the end and my dad came over to help me move the vanity, but other than that it was my project to do (and I wanted it that way).  Only a couple of minor injuries and one evening of frustration tears – so a good project all in all.


That was the last really big project to do in our house. The only thing left is the kitchen counter, which is a job on the small side. And not until next year, thank you.  Now it’s just painting and the easy stuff.

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