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Last weekend of rehabbing

Well, that weekend went fast.  Q turned out to be a bust and gave us mostly rain and a lot of crappy snow/sleet mix, but not a lot of accumulation.  It almost makes you not want to worry when they say storms because it’s over-hyped a lot.

Anyhoo, John helped me finish up the last bits of the bathroom.  We figured out my miter problem. The sides of the miter box were too short for the molding and the molding was concave, so that affected my cuts.  John ended up taking the pieces out and using the table saw to cut the corners, which I was happy about.  I hate using the table saw.  I always envision my fingers flying off, even though I use it safely. It just makes me nervous.   We took a break on Saturday and went to buy a couple accessories like a towel bar and a TP holder.  I almost got this one:


Okay, I wasn’t even close to getting one of these. Too creepy. Can you imagine that in the bathroom with you?  8-O

Then we stopped for some coffee in Saratoga at a new place called Spot Coffee.  It’s a very small chain (12 stores?) and one will be opening in Glens Falls early this summer.  Anyway, they roast their coffee on the premises.  I always trial a new place with a latte as the benchmark.


Extra kudos for having “for here” cups when staying there.

It was quite good and way better than Starbucks.  Not quite as good as Coffee Planet, but I am excited to have them open up and hopefully be open late! That’s my biggest peeve around us is that Starbies is the only place open for coffee past 8 pm.

Sunday brought the ‘final’ fixing of the plumbing.

The plumbing issues I had earlier were mostly fixed.  It was just a lot of tightening over and over to get it right and stop the leaks. However, the old shut off valve just decided to break – after I got all the other leaks fixed.  Yay – not!!! Water was coming out just behind the knob, which meant a problem inside the fitting.


I will give you a brief plumbing lesson here.  As much as I whine about the plumbing, there are a ton of new products that make it very easy for a homeowner to fix.  There are things called Shark Bites or Quick Connect that use a pressure fit connection which just snaps on.  So easy and meets code in pretty much all states (except Vermont, for some reason).  So, this was what we had to do.  Water was shut off in the basement- do not forget to do this or you will be so sorry.

Then use a pipe cutting tool.


This just tightens onto the pipe and you turn it around and around. The wheel cuts into the pipe until the pipe snaps off.


Easy peasy and a nice clean cut.  Then you just use the wedge on it to get rid of any burrs on the pipe.


Next measure 3/4 inch on the pipe and press the new piece on until it snaps in place, making sure it goes to the mark. No glue, no soldering.

new connect

Voila!  $12 part and about 15 minutes.

Then connect and test.  It works perfectly – although now the old hose I connected sprung a very slow leak, so I have to get a new one of those.   :roll:  It just never ends!  That’s happens when you try to reuse as much as possible. Sometimes it doesn’t make it.

Then the door handles on the vanity.


I will do the full bathroom reveal on Wednesday, but here are a couple of sneak peaks.



It sure looks different! In a way, I will be sorry this project is done because it has really kept me active and also kept my mindless snacking to a minimum!  Bonus along with a new bathroom :D

Guess I am gong to have to find a new project to do.  Or take a vacation :D

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