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Bath reno update

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I am in praline recovery mode today. Ooof!  I need the Healthy Heart Weekend!

The bathroom is coming along nicely. I spent the week prepping the walls since I couldn’t move forward without the flooring. There were the drywall replacements to make, plus giving a skim coat of drywall compound and smoothing it out. Lots of sanding and dust making.  Probably one of my least favorite jobs because it is never ending with all the little nicks and marks. You could work on it forever, really.

I had some trouble deciding on paint colors to go with my gold.  Martha Stewart had some coordinating colors, but they weren’t really speaking to me, plus her paint is really expensive.  Guess the name Martha Stewart adds $15 to the cost of a gallon of paint?  I needs me some of that power.

Anyway, I went with my gold paint swatch over to the Glidden section and found 2 colors.  I needed the upper wall and ceiling paint, then the below the chair rail paint.  There is going to be a white chair rail and white trim around the door and windows, so I didn’t want the upper color to be white – plus I had to paint it anyway because of wall damage. I taped off the mirror.  Here are the before paint walls.


You can just see the line in the corners where I cut in the new color. Klassy light fixture, too, right?


Below the chair rail is a color called Whispering Wheat.  Above the chair rail is Creamy Buttermilk.

wheat  buttermilk

Two coats of paint.  The line is uneven because there will be a chair rail and I didn’t have to be precise. Hooray for sloppy paint job!


I wish the lighting was a bit better.


I hate to think of how many shots of this toilet has now been on the blog!  Here is a note to any rehabber. If you take the tank off to paint and then put it back on, it is very important that you tell your spouse if you don’t have the tank bolted in place.  I didn’t tell John because he was out at poker and came back very late after I went to bed and the tank came loose and got water on the floor.  Ooops! Embarrassed

Now the blue color of the tile is *really* apparent.


White Frost, my ass.  I will give huge kudos to Rustoleum, though.  I got a refund check from them on Saturday for both kits.  That was very fast! So – good on them and I do recommend the transformations. Just don’t get Blue White Frost. Now I need to get another 2 kits of plain old white and do that this weekend.

Then the Froth metallic paint will be the stripes. I did a test board to try out the stripes and see if I liked the gold.


P2100020 This is really hard to capture with the camera. It’s a very subtle look and exactly what I was looking for! It all depends on how the light hits it, too.


Now I need to get the stripes done. You have to wait at least 24 hours for the base coat to really dry so you don’t pull it up when you tape off for the stripes.  Plus I have to work and all that.  I also got a call today that my flooring came in early!  Woot!  I am going to have this bathroom done in a week (fingers crossed big time here). Maybe not with a shower curtain yet, but that is the easiest thing to install – just hard to find.

I can’t wait because I am really tired of using the downstairs for tooth brushing and drying my hair. It’s getting old.

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