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Reno continues

Guess what I spent most of the weekend doing?  If you guessed bathroom demo – you win a Cupie doll!  I really needed a good block of time to get the tile off the wall and floors.  I wanted to do it in one shot and get it cleaned up so we could still get in there and shower on Sunday morning.

As I think I mentioned before, the tile on some of the wall popped right off.  Turns out whoever built this bathroom used 2 different kinds of drywall, one is the greenboard kind, which the tile came off of.  The other was normal dry wall and pulling the tile off pulled out the drywall as well, which meant that had to be completely torn out. That is this wall:



Ooops.  That is not what I wanted to happen, but such is life in renovating.  In a way, this made it quicker to demo because I just cut through the dry wall and pulled off sheets with the tile on it.  I had to have John help carry these downstairs because a wall of tile is heavy!


This was the wall behind the toilet.  I thought I was going to have to take off the toilet tank, but we were able to lift the wall piece up from behind it.  I was  sweating a lot from this workout. See that dirty spot was the part the toilet sits in front of.  All the placed you never think to clean that get exposed Embarrassed

Two of these and that was one wall of the bathroom. 

Then it was removing the floor tile. I used a hammer and chisel and it went pretty fast.  There were sections where I hit one tile and a dozen popped off the floor.  Yep, quality work in the 1980s, I tell you.

I also see why our floor tile was cracked near the sink. See this? It’s uneven flooring.  2 pieces of underlayment and one is about 1/8 inch lower than the other.  They tiled over that and the fracture line in the tiles followed this as you can see below. 


They just tried to level it with mortar, which does not work. This does make retiling problematic with an uneven floor.  Even with leveling compound I am not sure I would trust it.

Plus – I have decided that I do not like grouted floors.  It’s hard to keep clean.  So, we are going with a resilient vinyl plank flooring.  It will smooth out the unevenness, it’s waterproof and easy to install (so they say).  I am going to try a cork finish. I have always wanted a cork floor, and this actually looks really neat in person.


Anyway, remember how I said things look really bad before they get better?  Enjoy this view.


EEEEEK!  (I was kneeling on that towel to protect my knees, so I just dropped it there when I finished). I was so happy to have all the tile up that I barely noticed the mess.  John looked a little shell-shocked when he saw it. 


However, once I cleaned all the tile up and gave it a vacuum, it was presentable again. And functional, still. The tile under the toilet will remain until we do the floor.  Just to make like easier.


Sunday was sink removal.  It was a bit awkward, but not as bad as I was envisioning – and a lot easier than all that tile!  I hated this vanity, too. 


Pixie wanted to help. She was a pain wanting to be around with all the activity this weekend. 


Not safe for kitties,though, so we tried to keep her out of there.

I am so glad to finally have that ugly beast out of there.


I have very specific parameters for a vanity.  I want drawers. The problem is most stock vanities have the drawers on the right. The way our plumbing is (as you can see above), we have to have the drawers on the left. I am not interested in ripping up the floor to replumb all that.  What a pain!  It was either buy a smaller vanity for the sink and then get a drawer cabinet on the side, which is hard to get matching – or I decided to bite the bullet and pay a little more for the vanity. Since we are saving money by not putting up bead board and the flooring will cost half of what it was going to, I am indulging in the vanity.  This is the one I am 95% sure I will get.


One drawer for John and 2 for me! Oh go on  It’s a little more than I was going to spend, but it has what I want. This will change the color scheme a little bit for the room.  I think the burgundy is now out, but I am going to do a cream with gold metallic finish stripes and a cream colored shower curtain.  With the ‘cork’ floor, I think this will be a warm and maybe a little lux looking bathroom!  Or it could be a mess LOL.  I am a little overexcited about it, though. Poor John!

Now it’s time to put Humpty Dumpty back together again.  The worst part is over, thank goodness.

We are now teeth brushing and contact insterting in our downstairs half bath.  We never could have done this project if we hadn’t put in the downstairs bath. At least we can still shower upstairs, or shower at all, really.

I am thinking about 2 more weeks on the bathroom and we might be done!  Drywall patching this week. Next weekend will be the Tile Transformations for the tub surround. 

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