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Stray cats on parade


I was going through old photos of kitties the other day and thought it would be fun to show all the kitties I have rehomed since we moved here in 2006.  I am not kidding when I say I am a stray cat magnet.


We moved here with our elderly cat, Chloe.  She was a one-cat household type of cat (as is Pixie), so no other pets. Not to mention John’s allergies and all.  The first stray happened the year after we moved in.  I had started seeing her in the area between our house and the neighbors where all the strays like to hang out because there are lots of hiding places and shelter in the overgrowth.  This kitty had obviously been injured in the past because she dragged her front leg around, but didn’t seem in distress at all.  I worked for quite a while taming her and feeding her.  I named her Moxie because she had a lot of it to survive with her injury.  I actually did bring her into the house, but she hid from Chloe for the most part (who was partially blind anyway).  I took her to the vet to have her checked out.  See how her leg just hangs there?


The vet said that her shoulder was shattered and had just healed up. She was probably hit by a car at some point in the past and actually survived it.  She had no feeling in the leg.  The vet was up in the air about whether it should be amputated or not, but she definitely needed to be an indoor cat.  He also shaved her tummy and saw a scar from being spayed, so she was somebody’s kitty at some point.  I put ads in the paper, but no one claimed her, so she went up for adoption.  A nice woman who lived in a single level ranch adopted her and named her Cassidy (as in Hop Along).  I was so sad to see her go.  It doesn’t take long for me to get attached to kitties.

Right as Moxie was being adopted, there was another stray yowling at our door.  We heard her again the next day.  Guess who that was?


Look at her big feet!  Her mane hadn’t even grown in yet. She was pretty young and skinny when she got to us, and pregnant to boot.  She miscarried her kittens. Then I had her spayed and couldn’t give her up.

Fast forward to fall of 2009 and I was out for a run.  I saw what looked like a little puff on the ground.  As I got closer I saw it was a tiny kitten.  At first I thought it was dead, but then it weakly lifted it’s head and meowed at me.  It was pretty cold that day, too, and I just tucked him into the top of my trisuit and came home.  The warmth perked him up quite a bit.

kitten (2)

He was so durn cute!  He was in rough shape, though. Full of fleas and malnourished.  After he got some food in him, he would not shut up!  We called him Mouthy McGee because he was constantly talking.  Pixie hated him, too.  She hissed and beat on the outside of the carrier he was in.  No mothering instinct for her Surprised  This guy required constant feeding and I contacted a rehabber to take over care for him.  She had just finished with a batch of kittens and was able to take him after a few days.

kitten (1)

Here was a picture she sent me of how he improved.  Isn’t he the cutest thing?!!  I am dying just looking at this photo again :D


Fast forward to 2012 and then there were the brothers.



You can see Billy there in the background. This was when we thought he was Lily and absolutely hated us.

Boo is doing really well in his home  – And I see him frequently because it was my parents who took him in!  My mother fell in love with him and right before he was going away to a different foster home, my mom decided she wanted to adopt him.  I wasn’t sure if she wanted that broadcast, but she said it was okay for me to tell people.

And Billy.


You all know those stories since they were so recent.  So, my average isn’t too bad.  I kept 1 cat out of 5.  If I wasn’t married to John, guess how many kitties I would probably have? Laughing

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