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Salmon and gym in a bag

Another week begins!  I had to keep reminding myself that I didn’t have to go out and check on Billy big grin 

Here is someone who is very glad to not have any divided attention!


I had some puffy eyes when I got up this morning from happy/sad crying yesterday.  I am not one of those pretty criers.  It’s ugly and I hate how I feel the next day Crying

Anyway, I was really wanting protein waffles for breakfast today.


It’s starting to get noticeably lighter in the mornings now! Yay!  Spring is on the way, right?? 

It was a busy work day as well.  A good productive day for a Monday.  I cooked on through lunch, but I remembered to start a banana bread breakfast pudding. We have bananas that need using up, so I figured I would have this for lunch.


I need to do this more often. This was warm and filling for a winter lunch!  It actually got up in the low 40s today, which is like a heat wave, so John and I took a walk after lunch.  The sun was out and it was glorious!  Now temps are going to start dropping again, but I will enjoy it while it is here.

Afternoon snack:


John makes homemade chocolate sauce.  It seems pretty easy, although I don’t know the exact recipe. That’s John’s department.

Normally cooking salmon is also his department.  However, I decided to try a “no-fail” salmon recipe myself.  You rub a little oil on a salmon filet, salt and pepper, then put it on foil or parchment paper. Then put it into a cold oven. Turn the temp to 400 degrees F and cook for 25 minutes.  Well, our filet had to go about 30 minutes, but the technique worked really well!


The salmon was very moist.  I am actually liking salmon now, which is a good thing.  So, we now buy it when it is on sale.  I don’t love it enough to buy when it is not on sale Wink

Strength training workout today.  I used my Gym in a Bag and some dumbbells.  This was given to me a couple of years ago to review and it is a nice addition to have in my fitness arsenal.


Gym in a Bag comes with a flip chart of exercises to do with the bar and the bands:


This was my workout:

Front Raise 3 sets of 10
Triceps Kickback 3 sets of 10
Lat Pushdown 3 sets of 10
Biceps curls 3 sets of 10
Chest Press 3 sets of 10
Wood Chops 3 sets of 10
Squats 3 sets of 10
Good Mornings 3 sets of 10

I do miss the cable machine and true barbell, but this works for now, plus I don’t have to spend money on gas getting to the gym.  I may or may not rejoin.  We’ll have to see.

Now it is time for some decaf coffee and fruit and an evening with my hubby.

Hope you all had a great Monday!

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21 comments to Salmon and gym in a bag

  • Interesting! I cook salmon all the time. I usually do 400 for 18-20 min tops. It’s always cooked perfectly. Anything more and it’s overcooked. Have you tried cutting up fresh lemon slices and dill? I love that salmon!

  • Awww, it’s hard to do the right thing, even when it IS the right thing. I bet Billy is wondering where his “matching fur” lady is…hugs to you.

  • Glad you got to get outside for awhile. Makes a huge difference in my overall attitude. I’ve been enjoying the banana bread breakfast pudding a few times while down here as I brought some bananas with me, but I didn’t have any kind of flour so I subbed flax meal for the 2T of flour. Actually worked pretty good. I’ve done all sorts of things to that recipe AND to the microwave muffin breakfast recips and decided it’s almost indestructible!!

  • Lori, you have a big heart and you’re a loving person. Not many people would take in a stray cat and care for it until a good and loving home could be found. You’re amazing. It’s sad to let him go but he’ll love being able to be inside in the cold, being loved by a family, not having to share anything with Pixie… it’s a good thing for him and a great thing that you did. happy

  • I have to admit I love salmon! I think my favourite is blackened salmon happy
    That gym in a bag sounds interesting.

  • I’ve had midday oatmeal a couple of times recently. It IS a nice treat on a cold day!

    Did you get Billy de-blued?

  • Kathy W.

    I hope Billy loves his new place! What a sweetie he is. He was one lucky kitty to show up in *your* yard!

  • Hug for you Lori, it must be weird that Billy is no longer around. Are you going to look him up sometime to see how he is doing or don’t you know where he’s gone?

    I don’t like salmon but every time you eat it, I regret it because it looks so good on your plate.

    It’s Tuesday here now so happy Tuesday!

  • I can be an ugly cryer too. It’s why I try not to cry on weeknights since I have to make-up for work and as there’s nothing like trying to apply makeup to super puffy eyes!

    I bet it was nice to have Pixie to cuddle though.

    I keep saying that I’m going to make that banana bread breakfsat pudding with mini chocolate chips and walnuts and call it dessert. I need to do that!

  • Lori – HUGS!!!!!!!!!!!! Glad he got a new home but I know you are sad!!!

    I did not know you left the gym.. maybe that happened while I was in Hawaii….

    I know it is cold there but for southern CA we are freezing & I am not liking it! winking

  • Awww! Big HUG!!! So glad Billy’s new owner will give you updates. The tears were inevitable, but you saved the little man’s life, and have given his new owner a wonderful companion. “Pixie, stop doing the “Happy I’m the only kitty again” dance! Mom needs a cuddle!” happy Have a good Tuesday Lori!

  • I am also an ugly crier! I hope you feel better and less sad today. I use the cold oven method for cooking fish often – it works so well!

    I need to make that banana bread again – its been a while and its so filling.

  • Gym in a bag, how cool! I’m going to look for that on eBay. And congrats on homing Billy.

  • I’m also an “ugly crier” lol happy

    I’m going to try your salmon baking family loves salmon and I don’t cook it often because of being afraid how it will turn out.

    If you read my post today, please know I thought of you and was encouraged to just be honest because you are always so honest on your blog. You continuing in the fight (even when it’s vexing) is such an encouragement to me. happy

  • Biz

    I am an awful crier too – but I can cry at Hallmark commercials, so it isn’t pretty!

    I am loving the workouts I am finding on Pinterest have the “pictures” so I actually know what to do – love your gym in a bag!

  • I just picked up some salmon since it was on sale. It’s actually what’s for dinner tonight!

    Great job with your strength workout. I really want to try to get more strength training in thi year.

    My mom just gave me a waffle iron and I haven’t used it yet! Maybe tomorrow is going to be the first time happy

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