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Crock pots need to be plugged in.

Downton Abbey started last night!  Yay!  I stayed up to watch the 2 hour premiere.   My favorite story line is Tom and Sybil :D  And the clothes!! Ahhh!!!!  I love their wardrobes.

Mistake was to try to set up a water bath for crockpot oats after that.  I didn’t notice that I hadn’t plugged in the crockpot.  D’oh!  Turns out you need to have it plugged in to get hot…

So, I woke up this morning expecting warm apple cinnamon oats and instead got a cold crockpot.  I threw it all in the pot and cooked it for about 15 – 20 minutes, so nothing lost but my marbles.  Good thing we work at home so I didn’t need to hit the drive through  :mrgreen:


Today was fairly quiet, which is good. Cold again today.  That meant a good warm lunch.  John had made some venison stew in the crock pot yesterday, so I had that for lunch.  Can you tell we are obsessed with the crock pot?  At least he plugged it in to use.


And finally some strawberries on sale!  Winter and I get missing these.

I had to take Billy to the vet today for his final checkup before going to his new home.  The vet was impressed at how well behaved he was and how good he looked.  Clean bill of health, although now we are waiting until this weekend to take him to the new home.  That gives me  a few more days to love on him.   I will miss him terribly.   :oops:

I made a latte when I got back.


While I finished more work, John cooked up dinner.  We have been on a recipe storm lately.  This was bourbon chicken from this recipe.

bourbon chicken

Very good, but I would like a bit more heat :D


We need to go out and pick up some coffee. It has been too cold to roast and we are out.  Household Emergency!!!


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