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Hugs from the shower

It was a pretty quiet weekend.

Lots of football!


I forgot to show you my new shower head.  If you want to upgrade your bath experience, get a rain shower head.


They are super easy to install. You just need a wrench and that’s pretty much it!

This was our old one.

old shower

And yes, that is the ceiling in our shower.  Old home and rooms get built into attic dormers.  This is a problem with the shower curtain and creates quite a design challenge.  But I digress…

Anyhoo, you don’t even have to turn the water off to do this because it is just the shower head.  Remove the head by using a wrench with a cloth wrapped around the head to keep from scratching.


Then clean the threads from any plumber’s tape and you are ready to install.  This particular model says *not* to use plumber’s tape around the threads, so I did not (although we have some).  Screw the moveable ball onto the stem:


Hand tighten this on, then use your wrench to tighten a little more.  It won’t go all the way up the threads. Don’t over tighten. This is where you will get leaks if you have any, so you might have to fiddle a bit.   Then it was time to install the head itself.  It just screws on.  You only want to hand tighten this. This top ring I am pointing to goes on the rod first.  Then you place the shower head on and screw this onto the head.  I wish I could have taken a different shot of this, but I needed both hands to actually put this on.

shower nut

Then test the shower head.  I had a bit of leakage, so I had to go back and tighten the ball.  Then it was perfect!

shower head

This arm is fully adjustable up and down and the head swivels from side to side so you can get it just perfect.

Look at the happy handy M’am!  This took all of 15 minutes.


Can I tell you how much I love this shower head?  I told John is was like getting a nice warm hug from the shower.  Go do this now, people.

Even if we never get any more work done on the bathroom this year, I am happy with this.

I did some bread baking.  Mostly for John, but I will eat some of this.

I used a recipe from King Arthur Flours website


Some news – On the Billy front, we have a potential adopter for him.  (yay and sad). He will be going for a home visit this week and see how well they hit it off.  That is good, good news, so everyone keep your fingers crossed!

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