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2012 Rewind

Wrapping up the year!  It actually was a fairly uneventful year, which was kind of nice.

January started out with that health scare with my eyes when I went on the blood work trail with them thinking it was my thyroid and it turns out it was allergies. Yay for hundreds of dollars of tests for an uninsured person (at the time).

We also had our big vacation for the year to Disney!


That was a great trip, although I ended up sick and the end and lost my voice for several days.

February brought along the Healthy Heart Weekend!

We had lots of great participants.  Get ready for the 3rd annual coming up!

We also hosted our annual Mardi Gras dinner.  Love this one.

Mardi Gras!

March – someone got some seriously bad karma because they stole my Buddha.

We got an early start on biking with the season in mid March!  I forgot how warm March was this year.


Global warming. April and John had the scooter out so we could ride.


Had a ladies weekend at the spa.

Note to self.  Do this again…. and soon!

I started the Female Body Breakthrough around this time, which took 3 or 4 months to get through.

In May I got to meet Sharon, a fellow blogger who was vacationing through our area!


June brought my birthday and turning  44.  So, I biked 44 miles that day to celebrate!

I remember it being quite cold for June, too.

July brought Becoming an Outdoors Woman weekend!

I did kayaking, bird watching, Adirondack Ecology and wildflower identification.  Probably will go again in 2013!

July also was another blogger meeting.  This time with Lynn!

We also got the new driveway put in during July.

Have I mentioned how much I love my driveway??

In August, John celebrated his 44th birthday.  Yay!

I had a new biking partner one weekend when John was out of town.  First ride ever with my sis!

We did a lot of home improvement projects this year, too.  In August I repainted the porch – which I am really glad I did, even though it took the whole month of August.

The garden was gangbusters this year.


rescued stray kitty number 1, Mr. Boo, who went to a new home.


John and I celebrated our 20th anniversary of our first date in October (16 years of marriage) and I sprained my shoulder.


We also installed the laminate flooring downstairs.  Uber yay!!

November brought the rescuing of Billy, currently our shop cat until he finds a new home.

We biked until November 25th this year.  Total miles 2173 !!

Thanksgiving with family:



Then there was all of December and the holidays.  It was a good year and another one spent with John, my best friend.  I am a lucky woman.

I like seeing how my hair changed throughout the year, too LOL!

I need to make a post with links to my favorite rides this year.  I forget just how many rides there are when you do 2100+ miles.

Weight wise was interesting. I weighed exactly the same yesterday as I did on January 1st.  Mary Lou told me “Congratulations, you are at your starting weight”.  Not exactly the plan, but at least it wasn’t over that.  Also interesting that my weight was 8 pounds lower earlier in the year.

Thanks for revisiting the year with me!  Here is to a fantastic 2013!

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