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After the snow

One nice thing about big storms, whether they be snow or rain, is how clear and clean the sky is the next day.


Perfect morning for banana breakfast bread pudding, too, don’t you think?


Today felt like a relaxing day.  Normally I really struggle to work on Fridays for whatever reason. Maybe because it is Friday, but also the doctors that usually dictate on Fridays are the more difficult ones and makes production hard.  However, today was not the case there.

Work was a bit slow in the early afternoon and I visited Billy for a while.  He loves the lap.  He jumps into my lap and bites my chin (not hard) before settling down. Not sure what the heck is up with that.


There were some people interested in adopting Billy, but then they decided that they weren’t ready for adoption right now, so Billy is back on the wagon.  Better that these people figured this out ahead of time than after they got a cat, right?   There is another adoption event at the mall in a couple weeks, so he will go to that if no one calls in the meantime.

While the workshop is not as nice as being in our house, at least Billy is safe and warm out there (it’s heated).  Beats living on the streets.  I think he likes it:


John was pulling snow off the workshop roof when I was out there.  The snow slides off our house roof because it is slate, but the shop is asphalt and we bought a snow rake to keep  from getting a heavy pile up on it.


The snow melts and forms an ice dam right over this door, which is really annoying.  Hence we are removing as much snow as we can.

I feel better that the garden is now tucked away under an insulating blanket of snow.  Hopefully I won’t lose so many bulbs this year.


John and I then did what has become our Friday afternoon tradition of playing hooky for a while and going out for coffee!


It was nice to get out of the house after being cooped up since Wednesday.

Eats have been good again today.  I will have a small piece of The Cake tonight – the last piece, actually.  It’s in my calorie budget for the day.

I was out taking out the garbage and saw the beautiful moon with a hazy ring around it.


So pretty.

This will be a laid back weekend.  I need to do a 2012 round up post as well.  It’s always good to reminisce.

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