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Cookies and closets!

Another busy weekend.  I worked Saturday morning until lunch time.  I won’t be working on Tuesday and I don’t know if there will be any clinics open tomorrow, so I grabbed some work on Saturday.  Then John requested his football meal out at a new place that opened up called Ambrosia Diner.
This is right off the Northway and they did it up right!  It was super busy, too.  I snuck a picture when the table opened up next to us so I wouldn’t get anybody in my photo.

You all know my favorite diner food – the omelet (breakfast all day)!  This was a feta cheese omelet.

It was very good, although I have to say the toast was anemic.  The meal was piping hot, which surprised me considering how busy they were.  They are open 24 hours, too!  I noted there was an espresso machine, so we might have to give that a try some time.

We also did cookie baking.  I did my every popular nutmeg logs and pistachio buttons.
John made cranberry bliss bars that are even better than those at Starbucks! I will have to have him give me the link to the recipe he used.
I know, right??? Amazing!

Then my favorite thing we did this weekend.  Installing closet doors!  When we moved into our house 6 years ago, there were no closet doors in any of the bedrooms.  We put some in our bedroom, but the guest bedroom as been just open for display to any of our guests LOL.

This was one of the niggling things that drove me nuts, but it was just a project we kept putting aside. Not sure why because it is a very easy project. I know we all have one of those projects.

I practice guitar in this room every day, so I think it bothered me more than John.  It was a lovely view.

Not even an hour later and we had this:

Our house is horribly unsquare, so we can only adjust the doors so much, but I am so, so happy!  And for $130 for wooden doors, that’s a good bargain.

Now to choose paint colors for this room.  These are taped to the wall right now to decide, but I think we are leaning to one of the 2 with the arrows.

I gathered up the family presents to take downstairs and put under the tree in preparation for Monday. Came back with more and found this.  Pixie decided she wants to be wrapped up under the tree:

She’s so cute that it is hard to get mad at her.

Not sure what work will be done tomorrow, but the family comes over for dinner which John and I host, so lots of cooking (and eating) Monday!

Today’s ornament?

Another rare tuba find for John :D

Merry Christmas and Happy Festivus to everyone!

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