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Preholiday weekend!

We made it!

Don’t you just want to cover this kitty with kisses? I do.

Where has this week gone? It has been a blur.  My eating hasn’t been real great.

Some good meals, like this one:

Crockpot beer chicken.  John calls it a keeper!  We just happened to have 1 bottle of beer in the fridge from the fall, so that was its use!

There was also lunch today:

GF pasta and meat sauce.

Then there were the other things.  Like some pralines earlier this week:

Or the big cookie when John and I played hooky this afternoon for some coffee:

My good discipline has kind of gotten a little lost.  Not sure why, but I need to find it again.

The weather has been so yucky here.  We had some rain snow mix and then it turned to all rain and a lot of wind.  It feels more like early spring than the first day of winter!  I had to make a trip to the smokehouse to pick up the ham for the big dinner.

Blah!  There is forecast likely for a white Christmas, though. We will have to see.

Pixie was messing with some presents under the tree.

She is saying “La, la, la, nothing to see here.  Just me being innocent.”


John and I host the family dinner on Christmas eve, so the weekend will be cleaning the house and prepping for cooking.  I do have to work some on Saturday, too.  Already busy and we haven’t even gotten to the weekend yet LOL!

Today’s ornament:

Nutcracker  – no!!!!!  Actually, this ornament was given to me because of the horn on it, well before I OD’ed on the Nutcracker playing in the pit.  :mrgreen:


Have a great weekend!

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