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Preholiday weekend!

We made it!

Don’t you just want to cover this kitty with kisses? I do.

Where has this week gone? It has been a blur.  My eating hasn’t been real great.

Some good meals, like this one:

Crockpot beer chicken.  John calls it a keeper!  We just happened to have 1 bottle of beer in the fridge from the fall, so that was its use!

There was also lunch today:

GF pasta and meat sauce.

Then there were the other things.  Like some pralines earlier this week:

Or the big cookie when John and I played hooky this afternoon for some coffee:

My good discipline has kind of gotten a little lost.  Not sure why, but I need to find it again.

The weather has been so yucky here.  We had some rain snow mix and then it turned to all rain and a lot of wind.  It feels more like early spring than the first day of winter!  I had to make a trip to the smokehouse to pick up the ham for the big dinner.

Blah!  There is forecast likely for a white Christmas, though. We will have to see.

Pixie was messing with some presents under the tree.

She is saying “La, la, la, nothing to see here.  Just me being innocent.”


John and I host the family dinner on Christmas eve, so the weekend will be cleaning the house and prepping for cooking.  I do have to work some on Saturday, too.  Already busy and we haven’t even gotten to the weekend yet LOL!

Today’s ornament:

Nutcracker  – no!!!!!  Actually, this ornament was given to me because of the horn on it, well before I OD’ed on the Nutcracker playing in the pit.  :mrgreen:


Have a great weekend!

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15 comments to Preholiday weekend!

  • Wondered if you’d gotten any snow. We’ve nearly been blown off the map, but winds have finally died down. We are doing Christmas Eve with my family at my sister’s house in Middle Tennessee. Normally Bill & I host so kind of looking forward to someone else doing it.

  • Kim

    I had the same thought about Pixie… “Who me, I’ m not messin’ with nuttin’.”

  • I have full confidence you’ll find your discipline again. As I told Little Helen who was griping on FB about having a day of eating chocolate, it’s a seasonal affliction and soon goes away!

    Do you have catnip under that tree for Pixie?

  • Pixie is much cuter than that first kitty! At least she’s not in the middle of the tree like that pic Helen posted!

  • Pixie is just checking to see if any of the presents are for her!

  • Would you like some of our snow? I despise cleaning half a foot of snow off of my car every day! (okay, I’m only exaggerating a liittlleee bit!)

    I love your pictures of your kitties, they’re so adorable!

  • deb

    Lori that cat is hilarious! I wonder if his face is really like that or is it photoshopped? LOL! Well i hope you get a white Christmas. And tell Pixie to be patient! No tree for us this year or decorations….i did put a wreath on the door….Jinx doesn’t climb the tree (knock on wood) but he does mess with the bottom decorations…..Hugs!deb

  • Oh Lori, love Pixie’s “voice”. Hilarious. (as is frowny kitty in the first picture) Hope you have a great Saturday!

  • Your kitty is adorable under the tree (and mischievous looking!).

    For me it’s been the freakin’ Christmas cookies everywhere. Work, home, parties. UGH! I can’t get away from them. And I’ve been showing restraint the best I can, I won’t lie: there have been a few binge-eating type moments where I sneak some cookies and eat them and not count the calories. I know it’s bad. I am aware of the behaviors and trying to change them.

  • Did anything happen after the pralines? I kind of blissed out and stopped reading. happy

    Seriously, I completely hear you and sympathize on the discipline! My eating habits are (marginally) okay, but the strength training has taken a backseat to travel and holiday prep. I have already committed to be in the gym at 8:00 on Wednesday morning!

    wishing you and John (and Pixie, too!) a VERY Merry Christmas, Lori!

  • I don’t have to cook this Christmas which is weird so we had a pre Christmas dinner tonight.

  • Kimberley

    All the food looks so tasty…sometimes I think I am a bear and need to fatten up before hibernating. Come on spring!

    Have a wonderful time with your family!

    Please give Pixie a smooch from me!

  • Biz

    Hope you and John have a wonderful Christmas!! Hugs!

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