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Festive window – Pinterest find

We had a nice relaxing weekend around here.  I got my window decorating done.  I  got my Pinterest project done.  This was the inspiration photo, although I was looking to go a little more subtle.

Of course, the link no longer works to the actual site that had the directions for this :roll:  , so I was winging it a little from what I remembered.  Not that it really is that complicated.   Our window is twice as wide as this and tension rod called for  is not long enough to go across the window.  The only one big enough would be a shower curtain rod (too bulky). You can’t just use the regular curtain rod because it is too close to the window and the ornaments will bang on it.  So, John cut a couple pieces of wood that I could set a longer curtain rod into.

I painted them white and John screwed them into the sides of the window well.

Now, this was just a cheap telescoping curtain rod and I popped the finials off the end to fit in the wood pieces.  Buying cheap sometimes pays off dividends :D

Next, I just used fishing line at 3 different lengths and knotted it through the ornaments and hung on the rod.

I think the picture above used ribbon, but I didn’t want to see ribbon.  This is 4 pound line, which is really thin.

If I were using heavier ornaments, I think a higher pound test line would be better.

I chose to go with different lengths because I was afraid I would go OCD if they weren’t perfectly the same.  I also didn’t make them too long because we have this:

Big feet and glass ornaments at paw level – not a good combination.  After I hung the ornaments on the rod, I wound some garland around the rod and fastened it with some twist ties and added a bow to the middle.

I love how it came out!  I can leave that bar up and do a floral garland in the spring and fall leaves for the fall.  Might hang some suncatchers or something on the bar once the ornaments come down.  This made me smile all day looking at it.  Even sitting on the couch last night I kept looking up and admiring LOL!

(I do need to tuck in the droopy part.) It doesn’t take much to make me happy.  This project was about $10.  I had to buy a box of 12 ornaments, the fishing line and the curtain rod.  I had the garland and bow already.

Most of my Christmas shopping is done and decorating done.  Bring on the holidays!

Ornament of the day:

I love the Grinch.  My favorite Christmas special (and not that Jim Carey live action junk, either).

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