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Freezing and football!

Welcome Thursday!  Yesterday was go, go, go until late last night.  After I finished up work, we went out for John’s football meal (again!AHHH!!!!). He wanted Hattie’s in Saratoga so he could then shop at a couple specific stores to get his Christmas shopping done.  Here is John enjoying his giant chicken sandwich.

Ah yes, fake posing.  Yep, I married him…   :roll:

He dropped me off at the mall and I did some power walking (and some shopping).

Our weather is back to cold mode again.  That little warm up was nice, though.  Now it’s cold, cold, cold!  I made my banana breakfast bread pudding in the waffle iron today.  It’s the express version because it only takes a few minutes to cook :D

With Broncos coffee – game tonight and bringing on the good luck!

So far I have had enough work the last couple of days even with the loss of my main account at work, which is good.  They haven’t gotten another account for me yet.  It’s one of those tricky situations.  If they put me on an account, that means I will take work from someone else, so they have to make sure there is enough work that it won’t affect the others.  Not to mention that they have to find spots for at least 3 of us.  Maybe I won’t need a new account if the backups are busy enough.  Fingers crossed.

Billy is learning that laps are good.  He loves, loves attention, and today he was in my lap and laying down.

Say cheese!  He’s kneading here with his sharp claws!

Billy might be going to his first adoption event next weekend. If there are some adoptions between now and then, there will be an opening for him to attend.  There is a backlog of kitties in foster homes, so he has to wait his turn.

Lunch time!  Good old omelet with hot sauce to keep warm.

John and I are both cold all the time.  Almost thinking of raising our thermostat a little. We keep it at 66 degrees in the winter and just bundle up like so:

With lattes!  Maybe it’s because of getting older, but we are feeling the cold a lot more.

Staple dinner tonight!

BBQ turkey on a baked potato!  I never get tired of this.

Errand running after dinner.  My garden club has it’s Christmas party tomorrow and I had to compile the recipe book from our last potluck – so I have to assemble all of those while watching football tonight.  I have about 300 calories for snacks tonight during the game – woo hoo!  I’ll have some coffee (decaf) and chocolate for sure!

Go Broncos!!

Playoff spot locked already.  Sweet!

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18 comments to Freezing and football!

  • I love it when I’ve had an enjoyable day of food, and I still have enough calories left for a nice snack at the end of the day!

    Now I want a baked potato!
    debby´s last blog post ..Do These Shoes Scream Happy Birthday, or What?

  • Billy looks so pleased to be on your lap! Ouch on the claws, though…our cats are (front paw) declawed and I swear, sometimes they dig so deep when they are making bread dough that it hurts – and that’s without claws!
    Shelley B´s last blog post ..Wednesday Workout Update – Anxiety

    • Pixie is declawed as well – thank goodness because with extra toes and all the kneaded I would be ripped to shreds. Billy’s claws really hurt – not used to that at all.

  • We keep our house really cool also (even cooler than you, but don’t tell anybody)! Our house is so old that even though it’s well built, if we kept the temp at 68 or more, our heat bill would probably be $500 a month and we live in the SOUTH!! The reverse side is also true – it stays really cool in the summertime, so we rarely have to use AC. Keeping my fingers crossed that the work situation doesn’t involve any angst.
    Sharon´s last blog post ..Sharon’s Sad Post-Thanksgiving Saga

  • I finally got around to buying a waffle iron. Maybe I’ll try your recipe this weekend! I”ll let you know.

    Here’s wishing you plenty of work, but not overload. And here’s wishing Billy some luck of his own!
    Cammy@TippyToeDiet´s last blog post ..Bad Diet, Good Diet

  • Your waffle reminded me that I wanted to try a new recipe tomorrow morning. That just might be the one! Also, the BBQ turkey looks delish!
    Daphne @ Daphne Alive´s last blog post ..SNOW!

  • I could never make it at 66 degrees! I’d being wearing gloves and a scarf over my facewinking

  • Thank you Broncos! That’s my first win for this week.

    I do think 66 is a bit cold when you’re sitting so much. They keep it that cool at my office because I’m on the same system as the Dispatch Center. They have so many computers and electronics it has to be cool. I got permission from my boss to have a space heater.

    I also agree that it might be an age thing. Mr. Helen and I used to keep our heat on 65 during the day and 60 at night. Now we do 70 during the day and 64 at night. Plus we use our gas fireplace often lol! Of course he works in 40-45 degree temps all day long so I feel he should have whatever warmth he wants when he gets home.
    Helen´s last blog post ..I Pushed A Car

    • Seriously – Mr Helen chose the *Raiders*??? He deserves to lose LOL!

      We keep the heat at 58 overnight, which is fine with me because I get night sweats. John just wears extra layers.

      We just need to be un-cheap and turn up the heat.

  • deb

    Yeah Broncos!!! I was so tickled to see Manning is doing so good for them……i know there was questions about hiring him..his age and neck surgery .

    Jinx is declawed if he wasn’t we’d be in serious trouble…the furniture and our bodies! lol

    We have yet to turn on the heat this winter…Go California! lol
    Some mornings are 62 inside when i get up… a little chilly but not bad and soon warms up on its own to 65 – 67……and if it hits 68 i’m opening windows….We have a blanket for the couch if we get cold watching TV…..Hubby calls me a penguin….i like the cold as much as he likes the heat…..what can i say opposites attract! Hugs! deb

  • Funny photo of John. I think there is a coffee cup in the far background and it looks like a dirty fang coming from Johns mouth. happy
    Yay Broncs! Did they win last night? I fell asleep before the end of the game.
    Joanne´s last blog post ..Tis That Season and A Rustic Pasta Recipe

  • Biz

    Peyton is looking good for your team this year!! I always smile when they win and think of you! I am hoping my football pics win this week – its been a while! big grin Happy Friday!
    Biz´s last blog post ..Taco Fiesta!

  • Aren’t you getting attached to Billy and won’t it be hard to say goodbye if they find a foster home for him? He has had such a transformation after your good care.
    Fran´s last blog post ..Thursday December 6, 2012: Mishmash

    • I am attached to Billy, but I know that it will be better for him to have an inside home. It is hard when the kitties get rehomed. I know I will cry, but it will be happy as well.

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