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December Goals

Time for the December goals!

1.  Get serious with keeping eating under control.  I want to do this with having lower calorie days 4 days a week at 1500.  I don’t necessarily care if they are lower carb, as long as I have the calories controlled.

2. Get regular with my strength training again.  After my shoulder sprain and then my gym membership expired, I have been lamely doing strength workouts at home.  I have the equipment, just not doing it. So, I am doing 3 days a week of strength training from now on.

3. Enjoy as much holiday stuff as I can.  Our area has just so much stuff going on for the holidays. Sometimes it is almost paralyzing LOL!  I want to have fun this month before the long stretch of winter comes.

4. Do deep cleaning in some areas of the house. Yeah, it’s not spring now, but some things have been sliding.

5. Try more recipes.  Pretty self-explanatory.

As an aside on the lifting, there are still some moves that really bother my shoulder, which is flipping annoying. Push-ups hurt, so I have to modify those.  I wonder if this will be a forever nagging injury like my back.  Sigh…

I am going to save a little $$$ and not renew my gym membership right now. But, I have a Bowflex, dumbbells and Gym in a Bag, so even though I don’t have a barbell, I can get a really good workout done at home.

Ornament of the day:

A couple years ago, I got into beading ornaments and made this one.  I love doing these. They aren’t hard, but they are time consuming.  I meant to make more this year, but just didn’t have time.  I have to start in October to finish them LOL!

Tonight we are attending this:

The musical version. I hope it is fun and not too cheesy :D

I lifted yesterday and doing this today, so working a bit on those goals already!

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15 comments to December Goals

  • I love your December goals! They are doable but not over-whelming!

    Good luck with your goals. I actually think a few of yours are on my list happy

  • These look like good, achievable goals! Stretchy, because it’s December, but I have faith you’ll nail them or land somewhere close, anyway. (Just don’t smash your finger! happy )

  • I’m with you 1000% on #1 and #4!!!

  • Perfect goals for December Lori. A friend of mine made me one of those ornaments a few years ago. I love home made gifts. I hope the play was a good one.

  • Great time of the year to be hyper-aware of calories and by doing this, I predict you are going to be quite pleased with yourself come January 1. happy

    Your beaded ornament is beautiful! Looks like it would be painstaking to make…I’m sure anyone who received one made by you treasures it.

  • Like your goals a lot, need to be careful with my eating too this month. And love the enjoying holiday stuff very much.

    Best decision I made was investing in workout DVD’s to do at home, buy some weights and resistance bands and cancel my gym membership. I’m so much more consistent in working out since I do it at home.

    Hope the musical was fun, it sounds like fun.

  • Miz

    I have just one goal happy

  • I always love your goals because they are real life goals and a reflection of who you are as a person, not just who you are as a weight loss maintainer. It also helps that I “know” you and even though we had such a short time to get better acquainted, I can still see that these goals really are “you!” Hoping to get a frequent report of how they are going especially the one about taking advantage of so much stuff going on. I so look forward to the day we can take more advantage of that kind of thing as just attenders and not participants. The latter is MUCH more stressful!

    • Funny how I spent so much time on the stage (or in the pit) that I really had no desire to go see holiday performances for a long time. Now I am wanting to see more.

  • I’m with you on keeping that eating under control. We can do this!

    We are very busy this week, but more with performances we’re all involved in towards the end of the month. I’m singing, the girls are in a play our church is performing 3 nights and kids and I are on a puppeteer team doing a Christmas play performance at our local military base. I think over the years I’ve [virtually] known you I’ve been inspired to go out and enjoy my town more. My daughters and I are attending a chorale soiree their high school is putting on this week.

    Speaking of ornaments…I’ve also been doing some making of ornaments this year. Something about trying to be more doing, not simply thinking about doing … hhmm…I feel a post coming on. happy

    Have a good day! I hope your play was good.

  • Biz

    I think your goals for December are great. I plan on attending my Mom’s holiday sing on Sunday – can’t wait, it is usually the first event of December that gets me into the Christmas spirit! Hope the play was good!

  • All good goals!

    I just had one of those six-degrees of separation moments. The Nebraska Theatre Caravan usually comes somewhere around here with their holiday plays. How cool to think you could go see that and then I could possibly see the same troupe!

  • This is my first visit to your blog. I really enjoyed your writing. I am working on similar health goals. I really enjoy working out at home rather than at the gym. I noticed you preferred the gym more. I guess we all have our preferences. happy

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