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December Goals

Time for the December goals!

1.  Get serious with keeping eating under control.  I want to do this with having lower calorie days 4 days a week at 1500.  I don’t necessarily care if they are lower carb, as long as I have the calories controlled.

2. Get regular with my strength training again.  After my shoulder sprain and then my gym membership expired, I have been lamely doing strength workouts at home.  I have the equipment, just not doing it. So, I am doing 3 days a week of strength training from now on.

3. Enjoy as much holiday stuff as I can.  Our area has just so much stuff going on for the holidays. Sometimes it is almost paralyzing LOL!  I want to have fun this month before the long stretch of winter comes.

4. Do deep cleaning in some areas of the house. Yeah, it’s not spring now, but some things have been sliding.

5. Try more recipes.  Pretty self-explanatory.

As an aside on the lifting, there are still some moves that really bother my shoulder, which is flipping annoying. Push-ups hurt, so I have to modify those.  I wonder if this will be a forever nagging injury like my back.  Sigh…

I am going to save a little $$$ and not renew my gym membership right now. But, I have a Bowflex, dumbbells and Gym in a Bag, so even though I don’t have a barbell, I can get a really good workout done at home.

Ornament of the day:

A couple years ago, I got into beading ornaments and made this one.  I love doing these. They aren’t hard, but they are time consuming.  I meant to make more this year, but just didn’t have time.  I have to start in October to finish them LOL!

Tonight we are attending this:

The musical version. I hope it is fun and not too cheesy :D

I lifted yesterday and doing this today, so working a bit on those goals already!

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