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Christmas in the Country

Saturday was girl’s day out!!!

One of my favorite winter events is Christmas in the Country.  It is an open house tour where various rural artisans open up their houses to sell their wares.  It comes with a map that is so not to scale that it is laughable.

The houses are all decorated for Christmas and inviting.  We had a dusting of snow overnight, so it felt super Christmasy.

I have house envy of this place.  Here is a view outside from the living room.  All of these items in the photo were for sale, too.

There are all kinds of artists on the tour and farms.  Anything from country primitive items, tole painting, pottery (yay!!) , wine and cheese, baked goods, jewelry, iron sculptures, furniture, herbs and jams, knitted items and such.  It’s pretty neat.  I got some good Christmas shopping done, too.  Plus they serve refreshments!

There are 15 houses on the tour, but it is hard to make it to all 15 in one day.  I think we did about half.

I loved this farmhouse living room.  They were selling kitted items, food items, wooden bowls and cutting boards (which you can see in the chair), plus Petie the Elf dolls.

Shelley – you would have loved the hand spun wool yarn from this guy!

He was itching his back on this hay chute – so cute :D

We stopped by a farm that made all their own cheeses.  Here was one of the babies that was very interested in my sister’s hand.

I got some herbed feta at this place that I can’t wait to try in an omelet!!

A festive feeling day.

I can’t show everything I got because some people who are being gifted might be reading, but here were a couple things.

Pottery ramekin for snacking!

I love putting my snacks in a ramekin so that I don’t eat out of a bag or box.

I also couldn’t resist getting a present for Pixie at Northeast Corner Herbs (love this place).  They grow premium catnip there and Pixie goes berserk for it (Billy is rather ‘meh’ about the catnip).  She actually smelled the bag when I walking in the house and was meowing and going crazy.  I got her a kitty toy that is stuffed with the nip.

Pixie doesn’t have front claws, but she does have the back ones still.  She is kicking the dickens out of the toy here. I wonder how long this toy will last…

What a nice day to spend with the family, too.

This is the first post for the month of December, so here is one of my tree ornaments:

Joe to the World, indeed!  This ornament is so me  :mrgreen:

Tomorrow I will do my December goal post since I wrapped up last month.  Gotta get a good eating plan going.  Are you in the holiday spirit yet?

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