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No running and book update

Happy Tuesday!  I am behind on stuff. Busy yesterday and behind on exercise, guitar practicing, blogging, reading blogs – all that stuff. Gah!

I did start off the day with 15 minutes on the bike trainer before breakfast.  It is easy having that ready to go in the room right off our bedroom. No excuses.  My goal is 45 minutes on the trainer today.

John and I can still bike together, but it just isn’t the same.

Then it was time to eat!

Protein pancakes!

Anyway, as I alluded to on the Thanksgiving post, I am back off the running wagon again.  I was out one day and I just realized I really don’t enjoy running all that much.  I mentioned to John one day a week or so ago that I didn’t want to go out and run and his reply was “Don’t run, just go for a walk”. So I did and I haven’t run since.  I do have to say that my back and leg feel better for not running.

Of course, this totally goes against my desire to do the duathlons next year.  I just cannot seem to make up my mind about it. What is wrong with me? If I say I am going to pick up running again in the spring, someone please slap me, okay? Just not too hard.

Work sped along this morning and I was so productive.  Hooray for productive days!  Lunch break included some Fage and apple topping.

Looks like dessert, but it’s not! I used a Macoun apple for this one, but I defnitely prefer a firmer, more tart apple – a la granny smith.  However, John always picks out the apples when we shop and he doesn’t like the grannies :D

Update on another book I finished. I actually  finished this early last month, but forgot to write about it.  It’s called Ready Player One by Ernest Cline.  If any of you grew up in the 80s and played video games – this is the book for you!  It really had a lot of nostalgia for the 80s in it, so I was all over that.

(my link)

It’s set in the future about 30 years  from now, and most people spend time in a virtual world instead of reality (like now!). The creator of the virtual world dies and he decides to leave his vast fortune to anyone who can solve the puzzles he puts in the virtual world. So, it is the story of the gamers trying to figure those 80s themed puzzles out with some evil guys thrown in there.  Very entertaining and a good study on how we project ourselves online versus in real life.  It’s a fast read and I highly recommend it.

John made me a latte today.  The day went by really fast!  I paired the latte with my yummy dried pineapple.

Look at lazy Pixie on my ottoman. If she isn’t on me, she is near me.  :grin:

Raise your hands if you are eating leftovers still!  Dinner was leftovers, but not Thanksgiving – more of the soup variety.  The last of the corn and crab chowder.

That’s some creepy lighting.  I need to get my makeshift lightbox out from wherever it is.  I’m thinking the basement?  :shock:

I snuck in some more trainer riding and guitar practicing.  Free night tonight!  Woo Hoo!  I’ve got 200 calories to spend on my snack tonight, which just might be all clementines  :mrgreen:

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