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Thanksgiving blogger 5K and stray kitty progress

Bye-bye warm weather!  It was so warm the last few days and today it was rainy and cold in the low 40s.  I was telling John that I wanted to go lower carb or grain free today, but I really wanted cream of wheat for breakfast.  He told me just to have the cream of wheat – and so I did.  One of the few times I actually did something John told me to do  :twisted:  I made pumpkin cream of wheat with egg whites stirred in, topped with pecans and a tablespoon of maple syrup.

That hit the spot!

I hit the ground running with work today.  Busy, busy, busy.  Which is good.  I was glad because I didn’t want to go out for a run until after it stopped raining, so I was glad there was work to do.  Speaking of running, anyone who is interested can sign up for Alissa’s Thanksgiving virtual 5K. She is offering a lot of prizes as well for doing a 5K  (run, walk,  elliptical, etc) on Turkey Day!

I had the munchies big time today.  I broke for lunch a little early so I wouldn’t keep munching.

After lunch, the mail came and my paycheck arrived a day early! Yay!  One of the few companies left that does not direct deposit.   The weather cleared up this afternoon.

That meant I would go to the bank for my run today.  It’s about 1.25 miles each way, so a good run – and functional.  My legs felt so heavy, though. Definitely was not feeling this run at.all.  One of those “why do I bother with running?” types of run.  Ugh?

Looks nice out, but it was pretty chilly.  John made me one of these when I got back.

Anyway, temps tonight are  going to be 18 degrees.  Now that I have fed Billy and he likes me, that means I have shouldered some responsibility for him. So, he comes in to the shop tonight.  Not sure how he will take it.  He followed me in there today and looked around, so I think he will take it much better than Boo did at first, but who knows?

Here is Billy in the shop tonight.  He came right in, but wasn’t too happy about the door closing behind him, although he got over it pretty fast.

This cat hated people this summer.

He is a very friendly guy now and quite a loud purrer.  I had no idea how friendly and lovey he would be.  He is quite mouthy, though.  He meows a lot. Anyone who wants a kitty, let me know!  :mrgreen:

We will see if he tries to get out tomorrow when John is out there.  At least tonight the kitty won’t be making any little Billies that will find their way to me…

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