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Riding, cupcakes and kitties

What a gorgeous weekend!  So glad my bike isn’t inside on the trainer just yet :D  It has been a while since we rode, though.  I really wanted to ride to breakfast on Sunday, even though we also wanted to ride later.   When I saw the temps were in the low 40s, I said I was riding to breakfast!  Funny how warm becomes relative the closer it gets to winter.

We did have to bundle up this morning.  Three layers here.

My eyes were watering a bit when we first started out and my nose was running like a sieve, but I was so happy to be biking again!  We were also happy to get to breakfast and get our hands around some warm mugs of coffee at Coffee Planet

It was such  a nice relaxing breakfast.  I love my Sunday morning relaxing.  We biked home and decided to go back out riding again after lunch.  12 miles done.

Meanwhile, remember Boo’s sibling stray that I called Lily?  Turns out Lily is Billy.  This cat was not like Boo and I hadn’t fed him or anything, although he did see me feeding Boo before.  He was not coming around at all, and then he showed up yesterday. I don’t know what changed, but I went out with food today and crouched down and he came right over, shaking like a leaf (I cried a little over that).  He wolfed down the food.  I also noted at this time he is an intact male.

He was outside as we were just getting ready to leave on the next ride of the day.  I made John wait while I got some food.

He’s in rough shape.  He has scabs and cuts on his face, so either fighting or possibly rolled by a car. After eating food, he let me pet him and rubbed on my legs.  This is 180 degree turnaround from not wanting anything to do with me.  It’s amazing what hunger and cold do.  Here he is a little content after eating.

You can see some of the wounds on his face.

Gotta love my patient husband, too, all ready to ride while I took care of the kitty.  We headed south on Route 4 down to Schuylerville to get some coffee.  There was quite a headwind on the way there – whew!  I didn’t complain, though.  Usually I whine about the wind, but I was so happy to be biking that I didn’t.  It had warmed up into the 50s, too, and was nice and sunny.  John wanted to stop and take off his jacket.


Route 4 goes through rural Washington County and along the canal.  We stopped at our usual rest stop, which is 8 miles from home.

John stretching.

I guess that is stretching.  Or the cycling version of Stayin’ Alive.

At mile 14 (or 26 on the day), we arrived in Schuylerville.  This is another small town, but actually more bike friendly.  They have cute bike racks:

It’s also close to Saratoga, so there is some horse influence here as well.

Nice vacant building in the background there, too.  There are 2 coffee places and one bakery here. Both coffee shops were closed (Sunday), so we headed to the bakery cafe called Over the Moon.  I had some coffee and what was probably the last cupcake ride of the season (wahhhh!!!)

This was a carrot cake cupcake. John had a slice of chocolate cake with cream cheese icing.  All baked on the premises and delicious!

The best thing about riding someplace in a strong headwind?  Going home is super fast! Even though it is gradually uphill to home over the 14 miles, we were much, much faster on the way home.  It’s scary how fast the sun goes down now.  We stopped for a bit of a break.  My sit bones were a little tired from riding this much after not riding much lately.

All the leaves are gone now and things are turning brown.

Still pretty, though.

We rolled on home the rest of the way.  Definitely felt this ride.  Still got the hill legs though, just barely.  That last hill home, tough, but we both made it groaning all the way!

Total day stats (breakfast and afternoon rides)

Total distance: 38.7 miles

Average speed:  12.8 mph

Calories burned:  1144

Very good ride.  Each one we take I wonder if it is the last outdoor ride for the year.

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