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Sahale winner and plant eating

The winner of the Sahale Crunchers chosen randomly is:


I have never heard of this brand, but yum – they sounds delicious! I tend to eat this type of product by itself …and by the handful. haha Thanks for the great giveaway!

Congratulations!  Please email me at javaqueen01 at with your address and I will forward it to the Sahale rep for your goodies!

Today started off with a nice morning – and warm, too! It was 55 degrees when I got up.  I had a nice big breakfast this morning.

Banana custard oats with almond butter and strawberry jam.  Do I dare tell you this bowl is about 400 calories?  I like the big breakfast :D

I worked for a while and let that settle before heading out for my next scheduled run/walk.  I progressed on to week 7 of the C25K and this week is three 25-minute runs.

I said the other day that 2 miles in 25 minutes was Lori 2.slow, but I don’t want anyone to think that I mean that you are slow if you run that pace.  What I really should have said was that 2 miles in 25 minutes is slower than I used to run.  Which is fine – any running is good, right? Especially if I am not crying about it  :mrgreen:   Although, I was thinking for some of the time that I would rather be biking!

Lunch today?  My rut.

Mango is back on the plate after the salmonella scare took them off the shelves.  Yay!  *And* eating at the table, which is back in place and without a bunch of crap on it.

You know for someone who is quite the flower gardener, I must confess that I don’t do so well with indoor plants.  I was thinking about doing more, but then there is currently an issue with Pixie lately with the one plumeria plant that I do have.  I had posted this on FB, but she has now pulled off a lot of leaves from this plant.  She didn’t bother it all summer until we moved it when doing the floors.



I have had this plant forever and usually she will play with the leaves when they fall from the plant onto the floor.  Now she just goes right for the jugular.  Sigh…

Latte time from my new view!

It’s weird sitting over here.  It’s kind of like we moved to a new house LOL!

Dinner tonight was spaghetti squash!  I made up the balsamic tomato chicken  and put it on top of the spaghetti squash:

Tasty.  I liked having this on the squash.  I imagine I might be having it for lunch tomorrow as well  :wink:

The Broncos play the Chargers tonight.  Go Broncos!  If they win it is icing on the cake because I already won the picks for the week.  I already know where I am eating my meal, too.  I had it picked out for last week, but then lost (figures).

Today’s pink item? A razor.

Not that I use one much – too lazy :D
The Breast Cancer Site

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