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Paying up the football dinner

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Thursday already.  Time just zooms by with all the things we are cramming in and doing.  Kind of a mish mash post today.

Last night I visited with Mr.  Boo in his new home!

Look how happy he is :D  Such a nice kitty.  I think he still loves me!


Hooray for rescued kitties!

John won the football picks last weekend, so it was out to dinner tonight.  His choice:

Gloating much??

I drowned my sorrow in a half pint of Guinness.

I know it is weird to see beer on the blog, isn’t it?  There will be another one later this month when we finish the floors, too LOL!  I actually really enjoy beer, but just don’t drink very often anymore.

I chose to have Shepherd’s Pie for my entree.

This was tasty, too.  We had a groupon to use, so I thought I was going to get off easy for the football dinner, but turns out it could only be used for lunch and not dinner.  Booo….  At least the groupon is good until March of 2013,  so we will have to come back.

Today’s pink item?  Pixie’s toy.  Looks a little orange in this lighting, but it is neon pink.

Moving the furniture around because of putting in the floors has been a gold mine of lost kitty toys (among other things).


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