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Flooring and family

It was a busy one,  but a rainy one.  We were hoping to get in a bike ride, but no such luck.  The weather channel on Saturday said early morning showers and then it would clear up.  So, we spent Saturday morning working on the floors and waiting for the rain to stop.

We are in room 2 now, which is the room with the piano.  We wanted to move it as little as possible because it’s heavy for one, and there is always the fear of messing up the legs (even though it has wheels, they are tiny)  and have the piano crash over.  To help, John disassembled some of the piano by removing the lid and the action (the keyboard).

That helped, but still pretty heavy, especially with my wonky shoulder.  We slid it over and then worked on that part of the floor.

After we got half the room done, we slid the piano back  to the flooring to do the other part. Nothing like working piecemeal on the floor, but you do what you can.

Still raining, so we went out for lunch.  John wanted to go back to the Village Bakery for his football meal.

The happy winner…  (I still love him, though).

Again, this place just does not disappoint!  I had a cheese omelet – breakfast all day!!

Fresh baked wheat toast.  So good!

It rained off an on all day, so no biking.  I was bummed.  We got a lot of floor done, though.  With Pixie’s help.

She loves checking out everything we are doing.

I am loving the floors.  Loving them!  It is so funny that when looking at the dining room, it is almost like the floors have always been there and there never was a rug.  Of course, we still need to put the baseboards back up, but that will wait until the whole floor is done and any shifting takes place.

Sunday was family day.  It was my mother’s birthday and my niece had her birthday on Friday, so we had a dinner.  A turkey dinner, in fact!

The big bird – I think this is a 36 pound bird (raised by my brother-in-law).

We are all getting into the guitar now.  One of my nieces and my sister are now getting lessons.  My sister is learning a 12-string.

We are going to play stuff together at Christmas, although they are learning a different playing style than I play.

I was going to review my September goals today, but I think I save that for tomorrow.  It’s been a busy and tiring weekend!

I did win the football picks this week –

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