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Flooring start

Working on the floor this weekend.  It was windy on Saturday, but we took a 10 mile ride in the morning before rain was supposed to set in.  We biked around town looking at houses for sale just for fun and went through the town park.  It was a sunny day, but very windy.

As I have mentioned before, we live in a very historical area.  There are tons of little blue signs all around with markers of what happened.  Here is one in the park:

Kind of like historical graffiti – “Washington wuz here ”

Then it was time to work on the floor!

This is a click-and-lock system.  First you lay the underlayment down, then you put the boards down and lock them into place.  No nails, no glue. Then tap them with a block to close the gap.

For the edges against the wall, there is a tapping bar, as you obviously can’t use the block

Love that ugly paneling.  Our walls underneath are lathe and plaster and I think there was a reason why the paneling was put up.  I don’t want to take it down and have to replaster or drywall all the walls.  Nightmare!  So it stays up and is painted.

Anyway, these are tools the come in The Kit (how original).

We had this kit from when we did our upstairs flooring.  This time we bought the flooring at Lowes.

Pixie was helping…

We are doing a lot of things not quite like the directions state. Sometimes that happens with older houses that aren’t square and just because of the layout of the house and all of our stuff!  We can’t just clear out the whole downstairs, which would be ideal, but not practical.

By Sunday evening, we are just about done with the dining room!

I need to paint the baseboards before they go back up as they are scuffed and dirty.   The floor isn’t perfect, but I am really loving it so far!

Good news on the Mr. Casper Boo front.  I think we have him a foster home through a rescue! He might actually be going to Vermont where there is foster care available until he is adopted out.  Right now he is residing in our shop and seems quite happy there.  He is getting friendlier and friendlier, too.  Such a sweetie.

We brought him in the shop to keep him safe now that we have a plan for him to go somewhere.  He’s eating and sleeping and purring  :mrgreen:

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