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The porch project

A side post today.  I am patting myself on the back.  Just ask John about how proud I am of my work! Here is the porch in all its glory.  This was pretty much my project to do.  John replaced the 2 rotten boards (thank you!), but left the rest to me.  Not only did I do the floor, but I noticed peeling paint on the front wall, so I just went ahead and scraped and painted that, too.  It ended up taking almost 5 weeks to finish (work, biking and life getting in the way… )

Before:  We were testing a light versus dark color there.


The porch had multple layers of paint.  Instead of scraping those up – whoever just painted right over, which just is a crappy thing to do because it peels back up again.

There was (in order from top coat down) a grey color, blue, white and on the front porch some of that awful glued down green felt.  They painted right over that.  Quality work, I tell you…

Lovely, eh?

So, I used a heat gun to scrape up the layered stuff.  I didn’t try on the single layer of paint because the surface of the wood was a little friable and would scrape off with the paint, so I only got off the loose stuff on the rest of the porch.

After scraping:

It always looks worse before it gets better!

All done!

from the doorway:

The front part of the porch.

Here is more where you can also see the wall that I painted.

Looking good for a 100+ year old house!  Next big project is the inside flooring!

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