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Out with the old

You know Wednesday is usually bagel day, right?  Not today.  We had an early wakeup call with this:

7:30 am and the beginnings of a new driveway for us.  This was supposed to happen in August, but the guy called and basically said “Can I come tomorrow?”.  I am glad, actually, because I hate the driveway.  I mean really hate it.  When the city redid the road and sidewalks a few years ago, they had to rip up the ends of everyone’s driveways.  So they repaved up to that – which looks totally stupid.


Then the rest of our driveway looks like an abandoned parking lot, complete with grass growing in the cracks.

I used to pull that stuff out so it wouldn’t actually look abandoned, but stopped since we were going to get it redone (and it was driving me nuts, I tell you).  We thought about repairing it ourselves and did work on it a bit, but then just decided to pay someone else to do it.

I retired upstairs to one of the bedrooms to work.  Still a bit noisy, but thank goodness we got the new windows, which helped block out sound.

They actually got the old driveway removed very quickly.  It looked so much better just like this!  They were able to maneuver that little thing around in a very narrow space and didn’t even mess up my shade garden!

After lunch, more heavy equipment and noise.  Ugh.  I found in the past that it is too hard to work from someplace else and I am actually better off at home and dealing with any kind of noise issues.  Then they were finished with the whole thing by about 3 pm.  Yay!

Now I am not embarrassed by our driveway anymore!  We can’t park on it for 3 days, though.

The day certainly seemed long.

Downtown Glens Falls is doing a weekly thing called Take A Bite to showcase the downtown restaurants.  We went last week and decided to go again. John and I biked there tonight and met my folks downtown.

Participating restaurants have tents set up with small portions of their dishes for $5 or less to sample.

Plus there is entertainment.  This lady is walking on machetes.  Ummm… ow?

She also is a sword swallower and one of the few that actually do that in the US.  That had to be an interesting conversation with the school guidance counselor.

I had a crab cake:

Plus some yummy mac and cheese!

Then I was going to get a brownie, but the place we went had just 1 left, which John got.  So, we went to a little cupcake stand where I got a cupcake bite.

Really a single Lori bite, but my mother told me to take 2.   :mrgreen:

It’s a fun time. It only lasts from 5 to 7, which goes by really fast.  It’s a good chance to try some restaurants that we otherwise have not.

It was getting cloudy on our ride home.  I think rain is in the forecast for tomorrow.  I also am noticing the days getting shorter.  Evening rides have to happen earlier and earlier.

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