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Negative calories and rainbows

Ah Monday again.  Kind of rainy, spotty day.  I was hoping to get a ride in today.  Normally I don’t ride on Mondays, but since there was no big ride this weekend, my legs feel quite good and rested.  However, it was drizzling when I got up.

I made up some breakfast to get me going:

Yum!  I worked for a bit and then decided to at least get some walking in before more rain came.  I did about 40 minutes and I actually did a few jogging intervals in with the walking just because.  They felt fine.  A little funny feeling in my left quad, but not bad.  Of course, the intervals were never the problem with the running – it was the longer running.  I’m not going anywhere with this, but I just found it interesting that I had a small desire to do the intervals.

Lunch time.  Increasing some carbs, so I had a baked potato with ground turkey and BBQ sauce.

Love the blueberries?  I do, too.  There is an article on livestrong that states that blueberries are a negative calorie food, meaning that it takes more calories to burn than eat.  Other than the general phooey-ness of the idea of negative calorie foods, as I stated on FB, they have never seen me put away blueberries.  This is a cup of blueberries.  80 calories.  I burn about 70 calories an hour if I am just sitting there.  Now, I can eat this cup of blueberries in about 1o minutes if I take my time.  I could eat several more cups as well if I chose to (which I don’t unless I am blueberry picking).  Do that math and see how negative it ends up.

Work slowed down in the afternoon (typical Monday) and I walked down to the local Agway to get some annuals for my containers finds from the attic.  Nice thing about buying annuals at this time of year is that you can get a bargain on them.  4 plants for 6 bucks and change.

I normally don’t care for petunias very much, but I really liked the cool color on these.

Hopefully I can get them potted in the next couple days.  Got back in time for this break!

I also felt really hungry, so I got one of these.  I do like these.

Work was such a slog today.  I need to get in all of my lines and extra the next few days because I will be leaving on Friday for my Becoming an Outdoorswoman.  I am looking forward to that weekend for sure.  Friday afternoon I will be on the lake in a kayak.  Hopefully right side up.

Dinner was easy and fast tonight as I had to get back to work.  Sauteed broccoli, shrimp, cooked brown rice, and ginger orange sauce.

So tasty.

I was also nibbling on these tonight.

Banana chips.  Very addictive.

Post dinner rainbow – make a wish!

I have more work to do tonight.  Hopefully making a guitar video as well, but not sure I will have the time.  One of my goals of the month and I am falling a bit behind with them.

I also am going to have a big bowl of strawberries.  Negative calorie food, you know  :wink:

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22 comments to Negative calories and rainbows

  • I’ve never seen a petunia that color, love it. Pretty rainbow, they always make me smile. I haven’t made any turkey taco meat in a while and I like the idea of having it over a potato. I too like blueberries in my oatmeal or greek yogurt. I like how they kind of pop in my mouth.

  • Yeah, I take that whole “negative calories” thing with a big grain of salt. Pretty dumb of Livestrong to promote something like that, IMO.

    The petunias look so artsy! Very cool color – I’ve never seen it.

  • Lynne

    Hi Lori – I don’t think I’ve commented too much so I wanted to say ‘hi’. I love your blog! I feel some kinship with you as I’m a medical coder that sometimes works at home and I know how you feel when you say it’s hard to focus on work at times! Had to comment on your upcoming BOW adventure. Have a great time! I’ve participated in several BOW camps here in Wisconsin (the birthplace of BOW!) and every one has been wonderful in it’s own way.Can’t wait to hear all about it! Thanks for your sharing your blog – Lynne.

  • I love the shot of the rainbow with the roofline–almost looks like a scene from Mary Poppins. The petunia is great. I used to not like petunias, but they are very cheerful, and very prolific if they have enough sun. I saw some containers similar to yours today, only they were not as nice as yours, and they were $20! I thought you would like that.

    LOL, yes they need to talk to us foodies before they assign a food a negative calorie value.

    And the rice combo dinner–I will be having that soon!

  • I remember being told about negative calories in high school by my girlfriends. Things like celery were widely popular.

    Love your butterfly mug!

  • Didn’t I read once that wine and chocolate had negative calories??? happy

  • Miz

    and here I was blogging about NEGATIVE PEOPLE happy
    I like your negative better.
    and the rainbow.
    I love the rainbow.

  • Well, blueberries may not be negative calorie foods, but you could call them superfood. It’s the dark color! happy

    What a beautiful rainbow. We had pouring rain yesterday, an no rainbows.

  • Your dinner looks delicious! What kind of sauce did you use?

  • If only all the foods we liked were negative calorie eh? I actually bought nothing but petunias this year because I needed something very hardy that would keep blooming and had a chance of surviving on my porch.

    You watch out, one day – someday – I’ll have a flower garden that rivals yours and we can compare our new finds happy

  • I know Livestrong probably means well promoting foods as negative calories but it’s annoying to me. Sure, it would be fabulous if someone who would ordinarily eat a Milky Way could swap to 2 cups of blueberries. I’m sure that would make a difference in that person’s life. But I happen to be living, walking, proof that you can eat very, very healthy and “negative calorie” foods and gain weight.

  • LOVE the rainbow pic! Shred it with my friend that is now a Pixie lover too! happy

    OK, I am not a fan of the whole negative calorie thing either – nuff said! winking

    Sorry about the weather & your no bike riding cause I know you love it!!!

    Can’t wait for the guitar video!

  • Didn’t know your outdoor weekend was so soon already: cool.

    Well I think you better a a cup of blueberries than a bag of chips. In my opinion it’s total bullshit happy

  • oops “a a” must be “eat a”

  • I managed to gain back 30 pounds of the 65 I lost by eating negative calories! So you know how I feel about them! Obviously, I was eating more than just negative calories, but my eating habits were never poor, I was just eating too much.

    P.S. I’m sitting in my den drinking Adirondack Blend coffee from a North Country Coffee Cafe and enjoying happy memories. There just wasn’t enough time.

  • I love the rainbow over the roof tops! Negative calories?? I’m not so sure that they are negative, but they are delicious and so good for us! So much better than some things I can think of. What’s Pixie doing today? Big fan here, you know!!

  • Wow Lori, that flower is SPECTACULAR!!!! Like most of the others, I don’t buy into the negative calorie thing either. Love the rainbow photo!!!! Have a great Tuesday.

  • […] WATERMELON, and Lori can get blueberries cheaper than either Shelley or myself!!  Then there was that bit about blueberries being a negative calorie food, which all us foodies had a good laugh over. Of course there are those who think fruit is to be […]

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