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Golden Helmet

Not a lot of riding this weekend, but a nice weekend.  It was a lazy Saturday morning.  Much less heat and it was so nice to eat breakfast on the front porch with my Kindle!

We were planning on a 40 ish mile ride for cupcakes on Saturday, so that meant leaving after lunch.  That gave me a time to do a little project.  Make It Shine!  Boring old helmet:

Gold spray paint:

Now I dare any driver to not notice me!!

I sang “I’ve Got a Golden Helmet” to the song from Charlie and the Chocolate Factory , “I’ve Got a Golden Ticket”  all day.  :mrgreen:

Note how sunny it is in those pictures.  After lunch, we were getting ready to go and John noticed his tire was flat.  He put air in it and it stayed full, but it was going to be a long ride. So, he changed out the tube out.  This took about 15-20 minutes.  As he finished up, the skies all of the sudden clouded up and a big storm started to blow in!  If he hadn’t changed his tire, we would have been gone and stuck in the rain.  We checked the weather channel and big storms  were rolling in.  We also got hail.  Very glad not to be out in that.

Unfortunately, the rain last for a few hours, so we did chores and grocery shopping.  It cleared up and the roads dried up by around 4:30, at which time we decided at least to get a bike ride in to dinner since I was thwarted from the cupcakes.  We cooked along and didn’t even stop for 13 miles before hitting up East End Eatery to split a calzone.

This was soooooo good!  The we rode another 7 miles to make an even 20 on the day.

Another ride on Sunday for breakfast.  We went to Panera Bread today because I had a free bagel on my rewards card.

So that was a nice 16 mile ride.  Our legs felt great since we had only done 20 miles on Saturday.

After we got home, I was wondering where else we should bike, but John suggested we could actually do some walking or other projects instead.  Walking?? What is this exercise? Weekends are for biking!  Not sure why I feel the need to bike dozens of miles on the weekends.

Instead, we did more outside work. I spent a lot of time trimming hedges and mowing the lawn.  Okay, the lawn takes 10 minutes, but the hedge trimming was a lot of work cutting overgrown trees out of the middle (thanks neighbors who don’t do this… )  In fact, I got a blister on my finger from using the saw so much.  Booo…..

We took a break and did some window shopping at Lowe’s and then for froyo!

Watermelon froyo with chocolate sprinkles.

I went into a scary place today.  The shop on the back of our house has an attic, which is full of stuff from the last 100 years.  Nothing valuable, but lots of wood pieces, old windows, targets and stuff.  The shop used to be the home of the Fort Edward Gun Club in the 1950s, so we have found some interesting things related to that.  Anyway, I did dig out a couple things for the garden.

Aren’t these cool?  I am going to drill a couple holes in the bottom and get some trailing plants to put in them.  Can you imagine how that will look?  I love free!!!  Now I just need to figure out where to put them…


I am wiped out from the weekend LOL!


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