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What’s Blooming Today!

Green and flower filled post today.  No drought here.  I was wondering if we were going to have a dry time since we had hardly any snow this winter, but the spring rains certainly made up for it.

A few evening shots of the garden.

This is right up against the porch:

The butterfly weed is opening up.  I think it is a little early, too.

Bright orange and it gets a lot of interest from bees and butterflies (and aphids)

I have several colors of coneflowers that are getting ready to bloom.  One has opened – the Green Envy

Sundrops in full flower:

These are cute and delicate.

The astilbes I talked about last week are fully in bloom now.

They look like white starbursts, don’t they?

I am tempted to rip up some of the day lillies and have more of these in different colors.

Speaking of the day lilies  – they are really, really tall.

That’s pretty much eye level – so you know they are 5 feet tall.

Here is a nice sunny shot of the garden while I was eating lunch on the porch today.

Now the sundrops really live up to their name.

Sunny day and sunny weekend coming up.  Thinking our longest ride of the season coming up, too!

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