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New week!  A dreary start to the week, too.  I decided to hit up the gym this morning.  I might ride on my birthday tomorrow if the weather is good, so I needed to lift today if that is going to happen.

I did the leg matrix for the finisher today.  I think that is what I will be calling a thigh-fecta now!

I was the only woman in the free weight area (the Iron Den as it is called at my gym).  I really want to just grab some ladies and get them in there!

I came home and since it was a cold morning, I made up pumpkin oats!  I had a pumpkin protein shake before my workout, so I really packed in the pumpkin today.

Good, too.

I have pulled my good buddy GoWear Fit out of the closet and started wearing it again.  This is the same type of device as a BodyBugg or FitBit thing. This is the arm band:

You wear it all the time and take it off to upload data or to recharge it.  You can sleep with it on as well (which I do).  It basically records movement and gives you a calorie burn and METS activity throughout the day.  It also records steps.  I don’t have the fancy other things where I can connect with a Garmin or whatever (I’m cheap and don’t have those toys).  I have the basic.  I got this in 2009 and the battery is still good!  I charged it up and started wearing it.  I really want to get a better handle of calories burned while biking and lifting to make sure I am getting in enough or not too much food.

Here is an example of Friday for me.

I know it may seem like I am very active, but note how when I work it looks like sleep!  That is the sedentary nature of my job and I can’t change that.  Until I get a foot pedal that I can work with my mouth (invention anyone???), this is how it goes.  I’ll periodically post some data from my gizmo for fun.

I do not think it is accurate for biking as the calorie burn is too low, so I am going to actually wear it on my leg for the next cycling ride and see what happens.

I love gadgets and numbers!

I also love lunch (or any meal time, really).

Nomf, nomf!

I did the latte honors this afternoon as work slowed down.

You are getting very sleepy….

I took a walk around the block in the afternoon as well.  Looking at the GoWear fit really makes me want to make sure I move more.  Guess it works!

Dinner time:

Pork chop.  Branching out from the poultry  :mrgreen:

I have a bit more work to do tonight and another walk around the block, plus my Larabar snack.

Yep, it’s been a typical Monday!  Tomorrow I am taking the day off for my birthday because I can – I love being an independent contractor! :D

Question:  What is your favorite gadget? Or are you gadget free?

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