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Who wants a piece of me?

You know how yesterday was supposed to be bagel day, but wasn’t?  Well, John had said to me that he didn’t know if he could wait until Sunday, so we had a plan to get up and bike to Coffee Planet this morning (on Thursday).  Normally I lift on Tues/Thurs mornings, so I figured I would go at night like I did on Tuesday – which I did not like, BTW – too crowded.  Anyway, Wednesday is John’s poker night and I told him I didn’t want any whining this morning when I got him up.   :mrgreen:

Well, he didn’t whine, but I didn’t even say anything to him other than good morning and he mumbled “Really tired, really tired” – so I just said I would go to the gym instead and let him sleep.

Made up my pumpkin protein drink and headed off.

I felt a little slow on today’s workout, probably because I wasn’t expecting to be there, but I was so proud of myself today because I busted out military presses with 25# dumbbells!  I did 6 sets of 3 and I was so happy!  I just about roared! I had set both the 25 and 20# DBs out in case I needed to drop down, but I didn’t.  I cannot even imagine doing more weight than that.  Well, maybe 1 rep at a higher weight, but I wouldn’t bother with that.

I felt like walking around the gym saying “Who wants a piece of me??” because I was feeling pretty badass!  I keep surprising myself with how strong I can actually get.

After I got home, I cooked up a banana bread pudding.

I really forget how filling this is.

Today’s work was tough.  It doesn’t help that it was a beautiful day outside, too.

Lunch time and I had an omelet craving.  I made this with 2 eggs and some green chilies.  Topped with laughing cow.

It was really good!  I need to get green chilies more often.  I also had an unpictured handful of cashews  :oops:

John brought me my latte while I was in the middle of a 30 minute file with an annoying doctor.  I lose money whenever I do her files because she is not a good dictator.  That’s why people skip over her files (which is against company policy, but they never do anything about it).  Boooo.

Pixie was bird watching :D

After I slogged my way through that file, my brain was fried and needed a break.  I decided to go out and get some flowers for my porch pots and hanging baskets.  All of the ones I grew from seed are slated for the garden itself, so I just had to buy more!  The lovely greenhouse:

Lots of butterflies in here, too.  They probably think they found nirvana or something.

I ended up getting some gerbera daisies and sweet potato vines for my 2 front pots.

Then some flowering tobacco and purple allysum for the hanging basket.

I am going to bring these inside tonight along with my seedlings (which I have been hardening off) because we have a freeze warning tonight!! Can you believe that?

It was dinner time when I got back and I pretty much had the same thing as last night:

At least I used a different plate  :mrgreen:

It was such a nice evening that I wanted a slow and easy bike ride after dinner.  No hard riding after the workout this morning, but a meandering through the neighborhoods.

I need a hair cut so bad!  I can’t get in until Monday and my hair really gets in my eyes.

It was a 32 minute ride and I went about 6.5 miles.  It was quite a comfortable evening.  Now that I took that flower break and the ride, I still have to work tonight.  It was worth it, though.

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17 comments to Who wants a piece of me?

  • Those flowers are so pretty! Do your baskets get lots of sun or shade? Mine get shade so I usually do creeping Jenny and pink impatiens. I would like something different this year, purple sweet potato vine is calling to me.

    • Mine get partial sun – and the warm part of the day. I have had good luck with fuscias, but I wanted to see if the flowering tobacco would bring hummingbirds. The sweet potato vines and daisies get full sun on the front of the porch.

      I still have 3 pots I need to figure out what to put in, although I will likely do some geraniums as usual.

  • You do good photos! You do good food lol! When I read the title I thought to myself “well it all depends on how many calories their are in a piece of you” ha ha. I need to get a life………

  • RAWR!!! Love that you felt so badass after using those hefty dumbbells!!!

  • I love gerber a daisies!! So pretty!

    I feel your pain on the bummer dictator – that’s a vex. sad

  • What a day you had! I liked all of it. I love that shot of the geraniums. They are so cheerful.

  • Woot! Congrats on the lifting! No feeling quite like feeling really strong. happy

    And I love your flower choices – gerbera daisies are so cheerful, and I love the flowering tobacco, too. Mixed bag in the garden for me – gophers ate my sweet pea plants. I am utterly crushed. They never used to eat them, why now??? On the other hand, I have a bumper crop of California poppies and love-in-a-mist.

    Maybe your company could come up with a little “10 tips for good dictation” to give to the doctors? Do they get any kind of training on how to effectively dictate?

    • Well, the doctors would not appreciate dictation tips from the transcription company LOL (egos, you know). I think the doctors get some brief overview in med school, but they just become sloppy in the real world, which is a shame because accuracy of these dictations is so important.

  • Miz

    oooh it so so so so so looks worth it, too.

  • Well, I wonder how many years of consistent strength training it takes to get where you’re now?

    I’m still doing the first phase of FBB, because I was traveling and then I had a migraine after that. But next week I’ll start the second phase…

    • I have been strength training for many years. Really consistently for the past 5 years or so. It does take time to build up strength and muscle. It’s actually not easy to gain a lot of muscle, although my arms do it pretty easily big grin

  • Badass Lori – I love it!

    A freeze warning??? It’s supposed to be 80 here today so I will send some of the warm stuff your way.

  • I need to get working on my patio pots this weekend if I have time – if I wait too long the plants and seedlings are picked over and then I don’t want to spend time working on it because I just want to go to the beach happy

    Did you get the freeze? It was only 45 degrees here this morning! Brrrr. At least it will be 70ish before the end of the day, and NO RAIN.

    • No freeze. It only (only, ugh) dipped down to about 40. Still a bit chilly for my seedlings. It will be 70 today and a gorgeous weekend on tap! Yay!!

  • I am soooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooo late today!!! Always love your pics!!! Hey, you are getting WAY STRONG!!!! I been lifting heavier too & liking how strong I feel! happy

  • MB

    Go ahead and roar – you ARE a badass!

  • Congrats on the lifting! That is such a good feeling! I love greenhouses! I just get too many ideas in my head when I got there happy

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