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Meeting a fellow blogger!

Today, John and I had the privilege of meeting Sharon and her husband, Mr. Bill, today for breakfast.  Sharon and her husband are on a road trip up the northeast and when she contacted me back at the end of January that she was going to be near my area for a few days, I was excited!  Not many people come up to our little area (but they should).

Sharon and Bill are quite the hikers and you can read about their adventures at her blog Gains and Losses.  Anyway, we coordinated schedules and Sharon wanted to meet at North Country Cafe, which is in focus pretty much every Wednesday on the blog :D

We had a great talk.  One of the great things about the internet community is that you really can form friendships online.  It’s surprising when you meet an online person in real life how you can just start talking right away.  John and I are both somewhat shy, but when you meet someone you have corresponded with online – it’s like you already know them and have plenty to talk about.  Not to mention that all 4 of us have a whole bunch in common (music being a common thread).  A couple cups of coffee help me out as well with the chattering  :lol:

I had to laugh at my hair in this picture.  It looks really red, which it isn’t.  Must be the lovely hue of florescent lights.

I can’t wait to see how Sharon portrays the North Country on her blog!

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