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Biking for breakfast – and a big loser

We woke up this morning and decided *not* to check the weather and just head out on bikes for breakfast.  I knew it would be in 40s, and that is warm enough.  The plus side is that there was no wind today.  Having it a bit warmer and no wind and we were much faster on the way to breakfast.  Here was the temp when we arrived.

It was feeling downright balmy!

My bagel:

(Sharon – it’s your cup!!)

It didn’t really get any warmer during breakfast because of cloud cover, but I’ll take it.  12 miles done. It felt great.  I love biking for breakfast.  When we got back, John mentioned how nice it was to be in shape enough to ride for breakfast easily.

Yes, yes it is.  I never take that for granted.  Even though I may want to lose 10 pounds, that does not take away from how far I have come and maintained.

Jody asked for a Pixie pic, so here it is.  She hasn’t been doing much exciting lately (other than eating my plants).  She did manage to open up an eye for you all.

After a busy work morning, I was hungry for lunch!  Broccoli and cheese omelet? Yes please.

Today was one of those tiring days of just slogging through work.  My brain got tired.  I wasn’t working any longer than usual, but it sure felt like forever.   I know you all have had days like that. I needed my pick-me-up.

I also nibbled on a granola bar that John made for his poker game tonight.  Wouldn’t you like to go to a game where there were homemade treats?  He always has a seat available for him at that table  :wink:

Dinner time was fish time.  We got more mahi-mahi since I fairly well liked it last week.  Again with an orange ginger sauce, done by John – the official cooker of fish now and forever.

I got in a good amount of veggies today – go me!


Also – a shoutout.  Go over to Stephen’s blog (who ate my blog?) and congratulate him.  As of today, he has lost 300 pounds!  What an amazing achievement!  And he did it through diet and exercise.  It can be done.  No one ever said it was easy, but it is forever worth it.


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