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Wet Weekend

Busy weekend!  Here I was thinking I wouldn’t get to bike and did my 30 mile ride on Friday.  The rain was supposed to move in, but looked like it was going to hold off a bit so we decided to head out for a morning ride on Saturday.

No destination, just out for a ride.  We were shooting for somewhere around 15 miles as a maintenance ride.  That is my favorite distance to keep the bike legs and get a good workout without getting tired.

After about 9 miles, we stopped for some dried fruit by the library.  It was pretty windy as well.  I don’t even think I have gone for a ride this spring that hasn’t been windy.

We ended up with a 17 mile ride before the rains came in and I got down to brass tacks to make up work from yesterday.

Lots of rain.

I dabbled in a little Indian cooking for dinner.

Chickpeas cooked with tea and some tomatoes and onions.  I will have to post the recipe.  It was quite good!

The rain stopped in the wee hours of the morning and we decided to bike to breakfast.  Well, it was a lot like Wednesday! 37 degrees and windy.  Ugh.  Not sure why we decided to bike, but there you go.  :mrgreen:  We were a hair’s width from nixing the bike ride and driving. Maybe not really h*rdcore bikers, but more medium core.  We met my mother there after she got out of church.

Wheat bagel with cranberry walnut cream cheese.  Yum!  12 miles under our belt for the day.  That was likely the last ride for at least the next 5 days.  Windy, rainy and possibly some snow this week!

I did start prepping some stuff for the week.  I made up some coconut flour biscuits.

I also headed to the gym and did a workout today, which felt pretty awesome. I am definitely making strength gains.

It is for sure a stay inside, warm, toasty and bundled up with tea kind of evening.

In honor of Earth Day, I will leave you with a photo from sunny Friday of my garden:

John and I decided we are going to get a compost tumbler to put on the side of the house.  We don’t have room for an official pile without it being right next to our neighbor’s driveway (which I am sure they would love), so we think a tumbler will solve that problem.  Something like this:

I want to see how much we can compost and reduce the garbage that goes out in the can.

Now to get ready for another winter like blast!

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