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What’s Blooming and more riding!

Friday, thank you!  Although, I will be working this weekend as explained below.

I slept in until about 7, which is pretty good for me.  On Fridays no gym, so I like to let myself sleep later if I can.  So more of a relaxing morning.  I made up some protein waffles topped with apple topping for breakfast.

I only had 2 of the 4 waffle triangles as I hadn’t done any workout and didn’t need such a big breakfast.  I would eat the other 2 squares later.

Today was such a wonderful sunny day.  Some of the tulips are blooming now.

This is the Ballade tulip.  It is a lily flowering tulip.  Tres elegant!

Golden Parade:

And the Apricot Impression.

You know how the other day I said you needed to get rides in when you can during spring?  Well, the weather looks really rainy for the weekend, but today was 70s and sunny.  Which day sounds better for riding? Yep. Today!  I decided to use the flexibility of my job to ride today and do work on a rainy weekend day.  So, I worked hard for the morning, then I packed a lunch to ride to the lake.  I was quite hungry, so I drank a protein shake before leaving the house for some pre-ride fuel.  Then it was off to the lake!

Gorgeous ride there.  There was not much wind on the way there, which was a nice change (although that didn’t last).  I saw a fair number of bikers on the path, too.  They were the serious ones with uber bikes and snazzy outfits.  Everyone is very friendly.  I think when you see someone decked out on a bike, you tend to feel a kinship with them when you are also dressed that way.

Part of a swamp area:

This will be full of cattails and lily pads in the summer.

At mile 15.5, I arrived at the lake.

So gorgeous today.  It’s starting to get a little more active now preparing for the tourists.  I keep hearing a hollow thumping sound of the installation of new pier studs.  I found a quiet corner in what normally is full of flowers and had my lunch:

I was a happy lady.

After eating, I walked a bit and then got up by the lake and laid down on a bench for a while looking up at the sky.

It was so relaxing!  I texted John when I was ready to go so that he could meet me for froyo on the way home.  The froyo place is about 6 miles from home (or 9 miles from where I was), so I let him know when I was leaving so he could time it and meet me there.  He did great – he got there 1.5 minutes before I did!  Look at all the flavor choices for yogurt or soft serve:

We saw some new flavors on the board like sweet potato (????) My yogurt today?  Carrot cake topped with wet walnuts.

OMG!  This was awesome!  Made even tastier by having biked 24 miles on the day at this point.  I said to John that I was really, really glad to take the afternoon for this ride.  I knew if I didn’t get it in that I would be sitting there with a rainy day tomorrow regretting it.

By this time, the wind had really started to pick up, probably due to the weather change on the way.  It was a tough 6 miles home.

Nice ride for today!

I did get back to work for a little while when I got back, just to get in a full half day. That way I only have to do a half day tomorrow.

I was ready for dinner, too.  This is more of the pork from yesterday on top of a baker with BBQ sauce.

It is such a gorgeous evening, too.  I have my snack planned for later as well.   The remaining 2 waffle triangles from breakfast with blueberry sauce and ricotta cheese.

That sort of is a breakfast, so I guess I am bookending my day with brekkie :D

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