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Friday hills

Welcome to the weekend!

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Anyway, we are starting to cool down weather wise.  Summer was short lived  :mrgreen:

I made up pumpkin oats for breakfast.


After working for a while and because it is Friday, John and I took a break to go out riding this morning!  Yay! Bright sun this morning – makes my dimples look like ravines.

We decided to do a little hill work.  This is not *the* hill I will be working on, but it is a good one nonetheless.

It has 2 parts – the first downhill here, then it flattens a little before going down again around the corner.  It’s maybe a half mile hill.  We went down the hill and then rode it back up.  It wasn’t too bad.  I made it up without stopping, but I could certainly do with repeating this hill in my rotation as well.  Of course, it was only a few miles into the ride, so that helped.

Oh, and way off the distance? That’s Vermont. The Green Mountains.

We both feel in pretty decent bike shape, although now cold weather is coming back in again!  We did 11.5 miles today.

I had a protein drink and some clementines when we got back.  Not pictured because you all know what that looks like.

Of course, this all meant I have to work some tonight to make up, but it was totally worth it!  We may not be able to ride this weekend if the rain moves in.

Lunch = protein!

Turkey burger.

Typical Fridayitis around here.  I had a hard time sitting in my chair and doing work today.  I was productive during the time I did work, but still…

I was glad for the latte break:

John wanted pizza for dinner, but decided to save a meal out for this weekend and made up clam strips and brussel sprouts.

I am not sure what it is about brussel sprouts, but they make me very full, which is why I didn’t have fruit with dinner.  Broccoli doesn’t do that, so not sure what that is all about.

I have fruit and nuts planned for my evening snack tonight and more of Downton Abbey season 2!  Nothing too exciting tonight.  Have a great weekend!

Question: Any good plans this weekend?


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