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So, this is my new program! The Female Body Breakthrough by Rachel Cosgrove.  I got this book on kindle reader and I have to say that it really fits right in with my philosophy on eating *and* lifting! It also helps that her husband was one of the co-authors on NROLW, so it is very familiar.

I also think the Rachel embodies the type of fitness I want to achieve.  I think we have a fairly similar body type (plus 10-15 pound for me, though LOL).  I like that she is very fit and not so lean that she doesn’t look feminine.  She is strong without being intimidating. Here is an awesome video of her doing chinups and she makes it look so easy.

It is a 16 week progressive program and I am going to try to follow it as closely as possible.  She does not advocate cardio, but biking season is approaching and I am just going to have to work in my biking and be careful not to over train.  Also, I think the base program is geared to people who have never lifted, so I am advanced enough to add in the cardio workouts.

The 4 phases last for a month. There are 2 alternating strength workouts to do. Here is workout A, which I did today.

First is a dynamic warmup, which I won’t go into here, but it involves lateral lunges, inch worms, jumping jacks, etc.  It took between 10-15 minutes to go through.

Exercise Set/rep/weight
Bird Dog
Forward Ball Roll
3 set of 10
3 set of 10
3-point dumbbell row
3 sets of 10 with 15# DBs
3 sets of 10 with 15# DBs
Partial Co-contraction Lunge (video)
3 sets of 10
3 sets of 10
Hip-thigh Extension (video)
Bent Over Reverse Fly
3 sets of 10
3 sets of 10 with 10# DBs

I was really sweaty when this was done.  It took about 35 minutes to get through this workout.  I could not find a stability ball at the gym, so I did the ball rolls with one of those wheel things that you roll on the floor.  The hip-thigh extension is basically a single-leg bridge.  That is quite tough!

The goal is to add weights to 1 or 2 exercises each time you do this routine. I didn’t do too much with weights today as I wanted to get used to some of the moves and the routine.  I have a lot of this routine to do over the next month!  On Thursday I will go over routine B.

The eating plan fits in about what I am trying to do as well.  Rachel talks about the  90-10 rule, which dovetails right in with how I am trying to eat (score for Lori!). Of course, there are some more strict guidelines like no sugar outside of your indulgent meals, which I have been doing mostly for the last couple of weeks anyway. You need to have protein and a fruit or veggie with every meal/snack, too. That’s a little tougher, so I need to work on that.

Also, I will need to eat 1 more meals/snack a day. I normally eat 5, so 6 will be a change for me. Easy enough on workout days with a post workout shake, but harder on the other days. This means 3-4 meal/snacks a week can be my indulgent meals, which is what I have been trying to do with some success.  The non-negotiable meal is the post workout protein drink.  Since I go to the gym first thing in the morning, I am making my shake and drinking half before and half after the workout, then coming home and eating breakfast.  It’s probably not ideal, but it works for me.

I am actually pretty excited about this program as I loved New Rules of Lifting for Women.

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