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Giant sets and fast talking

Happy International Women’s Day! I was trying to think of some kind of deep post to make, flame on about Rush Limbaugh, or think of something inspiring, but I didn’t. Instead, I just decided to celebrate my strength and go lift.

I had my pumpkin protein drink (half before and half after), which is my rut as of late.

Then more giant sets for the lower body.  60 second rest between giant sets, no rest between exercises.

Exercise Set/rep/weight Muscle worked
Dumbbell Squats
Jump Squats
Leg Extensions
3 set of 15 with 15#
3 set of 15 at body weight
3 sets of 15 at 30#
Quads/full lower body
Good Mornings
Lying abductor raise
Kneeling Leg raises
3 sets of 15 with 25# bar
3 sets of 15 Body weight
3 sets of 15 with body weight
Toe Press (on lying leg press machine)
Seated Calf Raise
3 sets of 15 at 100# 

3 sets of 15 at 30#


Note the calves are just a superset. No point in 3 exercises for the calves. I was super sweaty doing this workout. Nothing gets the heart rate up like jump squats! Phew. I never see anyone do these.  Maybe some box jumps occasionally, but never jump squats.  I don’t know if I would keep doing these  regularly because of my back issues, though.

Breakfast after I got back home was protein waffles.  I got a little too much baking powder in them and they poofed way up!

Might have to do that every time!

Today was so much warmer – in the 50s, but it rained.  I had hoped to get outside and walk some in the afternoon, but it was not to be.  Stupid work.

I made up a 1-minute muffin for lunch today topped with peanut flour spread and some blueberry jam.  Ooops, blueberries twice!

I kind of had to make myself eat the carrots.  Do you ever think you want something and then realize you really don’t? That was what happened with the carrots.  But, I didn’t want to waste them and they are getting on in age and needed to be eaten.

Afternoon break time and I posed my latte by Pixie.

She was most displeased at this because I woke her up.  I did give her belly rubs to make peace, though.

I finished up work a bit early, which always puts me in a good mood. When we were cooking dinner, my mouth was running about 100 miles an hour.  I tend to fire off a lot of questions in a row when I do this without waiting for answers- all on different topics, of course.  Poor John looks shell shocked when I do this.   :mrgreen:

I asked him if it was I was overwhelming to him at times and he said “yes” very emphatically without hesitation!  You would think after 15 years of marriage that he would be used to that by now.

This was the result of cooking:  Turkey burger with laughing cow and a lot of green!

A little early for St. Patty’s Day.  Lots of protein in that turkey burger.  I ate 111 grams of protein today.  Go muscles!

I got in some good practice time after dinner.  I will have to do another video this December.  Maybe make it a tradition.  I started working in this last week.

A running joke around here is that I only play pieces in A minor.  It seems that a lot of them are – and not on purpose!

This is the snack for later tonight.

Totally stolen picture from the other day because the lighting was better then.  Now to settle in and relax for the evening.

Hope you had a fabulous Women’s Day – but don’t make it just a day. Celebrate yourself every single day!

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