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TP Tube Seed pots and English Muffins!

Ah Monday. There was no reason for me to wake up an hour earlier than usual, but I did.  I decided to get to work on my sourdough english muffins – and they actually turned out good!

Take *that* Thomas’!  I’ll post the recipe on Wednesday.  It wasn’t all that hard.

I actually did not have a muffin for breakfast because I was too hungry to wait for the second dough rise, so I made up some pumpkin oats.

I also got a good early start on work today. I logged in to my favorite doctor’s files!  His files are easy and I can do many more of his files in an hour than other doctors.  Which = more $/hour. What a great way to start a Monday!

I was feeling like chicken salad for lunch, so that is what I made.  With a chopped up apple and some toasted pecans.  I don’t know how I managed it, but I was using one of those apple slicers that is supposed to core and neatly slice the apple and it still came out looking like this:

With core still in pieces. :roll:  All chopped up it doesn’t matter, though.

This was good, but it made me cold  :mrgreen:  Today was a chilly day.

Here are the directions for the little seed pots.  I saw this post and knew I wanted to try it!  Get an empty toilet paper roll (I have been saving them for a month or so).  Squish it flat and press the crease.

Then open it back up and press the other side.

This will make it in a square shape.  Now cut the tube in half.  This will make the 2 pots.

Cut a slit up the side of all 4 creases, about 1/2 an inch or so.

Then fold the corners over just like you would close a box.  I pinched the folds to make them lay flatter.

Voila- seed starter pot!  Fill with soil and a seed  :mrgreen:

I am using a plastic tray to hold these (from my old peat pots). You can plant these right in the ground or a bigger pot if they need more time indoors.

The bonus? The empty pods also make a great cat toy, which I found out this morning when they were scattered on the floor.

At least she likes the cheap stuff.

Latte time!

I actually had this on the floor by Pixie to take her picture, but then she walked away.

I was looking forward to dinner to try one of my english muffins!  I did my usual omelet (patent pending) with the english muffin on the side.

So good!  I could eat 5 of these muffins toasted with butter and jam, but I won’t.  I hope  :mrgreen:

Trainer riding tonight (HIIT, ugh) along with guitar practicing.  I have my snack portioned out for later tonight.

Dried pineapple and mixed nuts.  I really like this combo!

Hope you all had a fantastic Monday!

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